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East Mesa Senior Pictures | Red Mountain High School

Are you looking for some fun ideas and locations for senior pictures in East Mesa? Well, let's think of your senior photo shoot as an occasion. After all, it usually marks a huge milestone in your life – something you’d like to remember. And of course, you'll want to look your best in these images that will be shared many times throughout the years. Mom will cry over them, grandparents will proudly display them in their home, and you'll definitely want to share them on social media. So let's get this right!

Senior Pictures in East Mesa

Some high school seniors want to pamper themselves and go the extra mile with professional hair and makeup. For others, they’re more comfortable with a natural look. That means just looking like your true authentic self.  Ashley chose the second option (one that many don’t know is an option!) and decided to let her natural beauty do the work. In fact, there was no choice to be made. As her mother put it, all that extra makeup, “that’s really just not Ashley!” And she was right; the camera never lies.

Being yourself is more than enough! Along with just a touch of natural makeup, Ashley opted for more simplistic outfits that seamlessly “fit” each background environment. Seriously, she couldn’t have chosen better. A white dress with a watery-green background always go hand in hand perfectly, and I’d be lying If I said it wasn’t one of my favorite combinations – I love it! There is a certain freshness and timeless elegance to it that matched Ashley’s personality, hands down!

Ashley was simply radiant the whole shoot through, looking comfortable and at ease, even when I asked her to climb on this rock by the water! If you live in East Mesa, these locations are convenient and close by. Yep, you can have senior photos by the water, even in Arizona!

The Art of Fun Posing – Starring Ashley

There was really never a dull moment with Ashley! Posing just came naturally to her, and catching each new fun expression took a lot of clicking! She rocked every pose whether she was showing off her graduation gear, throwing peace signs, or perched upside-down smiling in a lawn chair – Ashley was just fabulous! 

When she’s not posing at school, she’s an around-the-clock cheerleader! Having taken part in both high school and competitive cheer, it was a wonder that Ashley had any energy left!

Ashley’s Favorite 

And is it any surprise? However, the vibrant photos make a lovely contrast to the more ‘chill” moments, which turned out to be Ashley’s favorites. With just the right lighting and a twinge of editing, all eyes are on Ashley. Naturally blessed with the highly-desired photogenic gift, her personality just pops out of the images. You could almost imagine exactly what type of lovely young girl she is and how much fun she was to shoot (and live with according to her mom!)

Adding Some Cheer to the Shoot (Literally!)

Set to attend Texas Tech, Ashley wore their striking red top and “threw up her guns” to show them who’s coming! We even included a bit of cheer in some of the images with her tassel being a nice addition. And now, she’s starting her junior year at Texas Tech! So proud of this girl!!!

Another Published Senior!

Of course, we had to dip into the Style Closet just to take a look. Ashley decided she’s done the favorite black hat and black sunglasses, which she pulled off effortlessly. So, effortlessly in fact, that her image even made an appearance in the Senior Year Magazine’s Class of 2020 edition – isn’t that awesome?!?! Having a photo published is a treat unlike any other. Not only does Ashley get the recognition she so well deserves for all her hard-posing work, but we also get to share the joy together!

A Star Among Stars – And a Little Creative Editing

Perhaps even more lovely still is that the stars made an appearance for Ashley. While she steals the show by pulling a few editing tricks, I managed to make the background come to life and light the stars! Ashley also had the chance to spin and twirl in this cute Style Closet cute navy polka dot dress! I couldn’t have asked for a better sky that night!

A Clear Winner

Let’s wrap it up with Ashley’s mom’s favorite photo. I think we can all see why it’s a favorite. A beaming smile, kind eyes, and all that’s sweet – it’s simply Ashley.

How to Get That Natural Look for Your Senior Photos

I get a lot of questions about what makeup to wear during shoots or what hair appeals to the camera. And I’d like to say once and for all: whatever makes you feel comfortable! There are no requirements for appearance in my photo shoots; I’m a big fan of letting my seniors be themselves! If you want to go all out and be pampered with professional hair and makeup, I love it! However, if you’d like to copy Ashley’s stunning simplistic look, here are a few tips:

  • Leave your hair untouched – of course, you can straighten or curl your hair, but it might be best to leave out any hairsprays or mousses if you’re looking for a fresh glow. Use just a little to tame those flyaways.
  • Bring a brush – even the most well-behaved hair can get out of control every now and then if left to its own devices. So, it’s best to bring along something that can be used for touch ups.
  • The 3 piece rule – if you’re going to wear makeup, try to limit it to three features. Mascara, foundation, and one extra are usually the go-to’s.
  • Drink lots of water – this may sound silly or like some type of health advice, but really, it helps your complexion in photos.

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When I asked Ashley about her favorite activities and sports in school, she enthusiastically told me about her involvement in cheerleading, so of course we had to capture some memories of her in her Warriors cheer uniform, complete with silver and red poms and a bow on the side!

As a Queen Creek senior photographer, I understand the significance of this milestone and the importance of capturing it in a way that truly reflects your personality and journey. In other words, I can ensure you don't settle for basic graduation portraits or Snapchat selfies and take your photo shoot to the next level by showcasing your style, valuable possessions, and everything you love.