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Destination Sessions for Senior Portraits | Photo Shoot in Old Town Fort Collins

Historic Old Town Fort Collins pulled us in. We were surrounded by many original structures, and quaint shops were lined up alongside modern stores. It’s an eclectic mix of new and old, and it’s absolutely perfect for a senior picture photo shoot if you're looking to...

Take Your Graduation Photos to a Favorite Destination

When I had the chance to take some of Alex’s senior pictures in historic Fort Collins in Colorado, I jumped at the chance! Not only is it a gorgeous and memorable location, but I love getting the opportunity to shoot in new locations.

Unique Venues Mean Unique Photos

Most of my photo shoots take place around the East Valley area near Phoenix, Arizona, and even then, I’m continuously on the lookout for new places and ideas for senior pictures. Why? Because I always want my clients to be able to show off unique photos that are unlike anyone else’s.

Fort Collins, Where Old Meets New

If you haven’t had the chance to visit Fort Collins, it should definitely make your list. Full of vintage shops, antique charm, old houses, and tons of surrounding natural beauty, there is plenty to see and do—and the photo opportunities are endless! I should also mention that the weather there is gorgeous, and it’s a very scenic drive through New Mexico all the way to northern Colorado.

Historic Old Town pulled us in, and we were anxious to explore. As soon as I saw the brick walls and paved walkways, I was enamored with the vintage style. We were surrounded by many original structures, and quaint shops were lined up alongside modern stores. It’s an eclectic mix of new and old, and it’s absolutely perfect for a photo shoot!

Texture & Style for Miles

I knew I wanted to capture a few images of Alex with a brick wall  background. I especially wanted to capture her laidback style and pair it with the unique texture of the brick. In shorts and bare feet, Alex pulled off a casual style, letting her loose curls flow over her shoulders and her pretty teal crop top.

Background is essential when choosing locations for photos, and in this picture, I love the blues and yellows of the ceramics in the window behind Alex. They perfectly complement the teal in her shirt, her blue jean shorts, and her blonde-brown hair. Everything pulls together for a lovely senior portrait, which is exactly what we were going for!

Fort Collins Photographer Outdoor Senior Pictures

I wasn’t quite finished with the brick background. Alex has tons of talent I wanted to show off in her photos, and I had a creative idea in mind. With a full brick background this time, she stayed in her wardrobe choice and added a pair of gorgeous shoes and sat on the back of a park bench. Once I had a great shot, I layered a second photo of her—in a competition swimsuit, holding a winning medal—behind the original photo. Friends and family will do a double take when they see this super-fun image.

Fort Collins Senior Pictures Sports

A little stroll brought us to an area with even more architectural texture…which of course puts fun ideas in my photographer mind! Decorative concrete walls and geometric sidewalk pavers popped onto the scene, and my shutter-clicking finger was immediately ready to go! Plus, there was no way we could leave without grabbing a playful shot with a smiling lamppost lean.

Ideas Senior Pictures Fort Collins

Perfecting the Casual, Carefree Style

Alex is a smiler, and I love capturing her beautiful, natural smile on camera. Notice that for her casual and carefree look, she’s kept her make-up and accessories to a minimum, letting her natural beauty truly shine in her photos. If you look closely, you can see that her lipstick and brows are done to perfection, as are her nails and toes, but for stylish, laid-back pictures, there’s no need to go overboard with layers of eye make-up or gallons of hairspray. If you’re going for a natural and lighthearted look, your best bet is to keep your hair, make-up, and accessories aligned with that.

Old Town Fort Collins Senior Picture Locations

Reflecting on Memories & Looking Forward

I loved the look of the vintage frame and woodwork on this shop window! And I love the idea of a nice reflection photo to represent the way seniors are reflecting on all they’ve done—all while looking forward to bright and exciting futures. It takes practice, but when you get a great reflection photo, it’s an artistic way to let seniors show off their style in a modern and fun way.

Not sure what to wear for senior pictures? Check out American Eagle! This top ties in back and is super cute, and the ripped denim shorts are a staple in Alex’s wardrobe. If you’re small like her and have a hard time getting a waist to fit, AE is a great place to shop since they have jeans in sizes down to 000!

Senior Picture Outfits Fort Collins

Natural Beauty, Beautiful Photos

Moving away from the Old Town scene, we had to capture some of the natural beauty the Fort Collins area has to offer. Alex pulled off a quick outfit change, and the jumper she selected couldn’t have been more perfect for the rustic fence railing and mountain background we chose.

Fort Collins Senior Picture Ideas

Blue skies and fluffy clouds ended up being the ideal backdrop for this kid who has worked so hard and is now on her way to even bigger and better things! Alex is a 2021 graduate from Desert Ridge High School in Mesa, Arizona, and she’s currently starting her freshman year at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. A competitive diver, she’s a member of the Lobos college dive team and looks forward to college competition, as well as completing her studies to work in the medical field.

Ready, Set, FUTURE!

Her friends describe her as being driven, and she thrives on being busy. Alex never backs down from a challenge so she’s guaranteed to go far! When she’s not practicing, competing, or studying, you might find her sneaking in a few episodes of Big Bang Theory or catching up on some of her favorite Disney movies.

She left a few words of advice for incoming freshmen, and she’d like them all to know that life is full of ups and downs, but she says to make your freshman and senior years the very best! She wants everyone to remember not to waste the fun times because they go by really fast.

And if you ever need a little pick-me-up, Alex shared her favorite quote—inspiring words from Mary Poppins: “When the world turns upside down, the best thing to do is turn right along with it.” Very wise words indeed. We’re all so proud of you, Alex!

Fort Collins Colorado Photographer

  • I love the blend of the old town feel, with the natural photos as well! What a beautiful location Colorado has in Fort Collins for senior photos! I know she will love that they are so unique!

    • We have family there and that was my deal with her. We’ll go visit family, but I get to start senior pictures in Old Town while we’re there! LOL! Fort Collins has sooooo many great locations for senior pictures! I love it there so much!

  • I couldn’t help but smile as I read this blog and saw each picture of Alex. Her personality is shining through the photos. This gallery is an example of how senior photos reveal personality with genuine smiles, natural expressions, and fun posing. So fun to see, and a destination session for her senior photos is icing on the cake! I’m sure Alex loves her senior photos!

    • Hey Andrea, thanks so much for your sweet comments! As her mom, of course I love her smile, but that is what I love most about being a senior portrait photographer. I love catching those genuine smiles and interactions!

  • I love the idea of destination senior sessions! Old Town Fort Collins looks like such a fun place for senior pictures! Lots of variety!

    • Brandi, I love visiting Fort Collins! I’ve been shooting there for over 10 years now and there are so many great locations for senior pictures. It never disappoints! Thanks for commenting!

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