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In The Weight Room at Desert Ridge High School | Mesa Senior Photographer

When creating a session around a senior’s passions, we find ourselves in many different locations and this time was no different. Our first stop of the day was the weight room at Desert Ridge High School in Mesa, AZ. Since our sessions aren't limited on time, we were able to shoot in the weight room and on the field, and still move to a 2nd location for additional senior pictures.

Senior Pictures at Desert Ridge High School

This high school athlete from Desert Ridge High School is such an incredibly motivated teenager and was so excited for his senior pictures! He played high school football all 4 years, but his passion is in the weight room. When I first met Colton I was blown away by all the ideas he had! First of all, he wanted athletic senior portraits that showed him doing what he loves. In 2020 he was also nominated for Inspiring Teens Magazine!

Weight Room Senior Pictures Desert Ridge High School

A Special Note From Mom

Colton has always been driven to succeed. It didn’t matter if it was school, football, volunteering, friendship, his job, or family. He has always put everything he had into being all he can be. He has many achievements in my eyes but when you can be an influence on others is what really sets the achievement apart from other successes. The one thing in particular that comes to mind was not only a personal achievement but it helped others by inspiring them as well. Colton was a tall skinny kid starting off freshman football. They said he was too little to play Defensive End but he was going to do whatever it took to play this position. His freshman year he played and was the starter about half way through the year. After the season ended he went on a mission to get bigger, stronger, better, gain weight and muscle. He gained 40 pounds by the next season and has never looked back. He started every game from that point on. He now weighs 215 and is going to play at a prestigious academic college at the collegiate level. While on his journey he guided, tutored, and mentored the other players along the way. He was not only their team captain but their leader that inspired them to be all the can be. He became the highest academic level player that the school has had and looked at by the coaches as the most committed and inspirational player. Life is not only about achievements but inspiring others a long your journey. 

Fitness Photographer in Mesa, AZ

Desert Ridge Weight Room

When creating a session around a senior’s passions, we find ourselves in all sorts of places and this time was no different. Our first stop of the day was the weight room which was so exciting because I had no idea what to expect in that location. Colton did not disappoint! He was willing to try anything and everything and was an amazing sport with all of my ideas. As usual, some worked better than others but it was here that we were able to create some of his favorite images. This is Colton. His mom suggested he take his shirt off to be more authentic to what would be his normal experience in the weight room, and we were mindful to pay tribute to his hard work and dedication and not diminish the perseverance and energy he brings to that room daily. These images were meant to convey his love for weightlifting and football, and we accomplished that and so much more. I found Colton’s humble attitude so refreshing. He’s extremely proud of his sport as are all of my high school seniors. Celebrating accomplishments, interests, and personalities are what senior pictures are all about, and trust me when I say that Colton has worked so hard for his success!

Athlete Senior Pictures Mesa Arizona

Athlete Senior Pictures Mesa Az

Go Jags!

I love that we were able to capture a portion of the wall for this image. Colton was great at helping me place weights and telling me if something didn’t look right. I love collaborating with my seniors to get exactly what they want. I’m not an expert at every sport and hobby, so having the extra guidance allowed me to be creative and produce images I knew Colton would love!

Weight Room Senior Photographer Mesa Az
Weight Room Senior Pictures Mesa Az

Then at the field house we got some great keepsake images that will remind him of all the hard practices, long hours, and amazing games spent here!

Outdoor Senior Pictures Mesa Az
Deesrt Ridge High School Senior Photographer

On The Field

Capturing movement and different angles is something I do at every session to be sure we have a good variety in your gallery. Keep in mind…this is only the first hour or so of Colton’s session! From school we drove into Chandler for two more locations!

Football Players Senior Pictures Phoenix Az
Football Senior Pictures Mesa Az

Portraits at Your High School

  • Get permission. It can be a liability to be on campus without the coach’s knowledge.
  • Check the schedule for games, meets, and practices so you won’t interfere.
  • Consider doing senior pictures in the off season. Ask the athletic department to keep your uniform until after your photoshoot.
  • Clean up the area and leave things where you found them.

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  • This is great! Love how you spotlight a senior athlete and incorporate comments from a family member in order to really tell who he is, & then take us through the session via wording & killer visual images, as well as giving some small insight into your business!

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