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Beautiful Outdoor Dance Senior Picture Ideas for Ballet and Pointe | Phoenix Senior Photography

I love photographing dancers and capturing those elegant moves during your senior portrait session is one of my favorite things! All of your extracurricular activities are an important part of who you become as a young adult. When you share them, we can work together to create images that showcase your amazing dance skills!

The Heart of a Dancer: Capturing Your Passion In Pictures

Mavery is a 2021 graduate, and I can’t get enough of her senior portraits! Why do I love them so much? Because we worked so closely together to incorporate one of the things Mavery is most passionate about in her photo collection: Ballet!

On Your Toes

A dancer for many years, Mavery’s flexibility, grace, and strength were things I wanted to highlight in her senior pictures. With her training and hard work, she’s able to pull off near super-hero moves that leave most of us regular humans in awe! As easy as she makes everything look, I know it’s taken a lot of dedication and hundreds of practice hours to reach the level she’s at. And THAT’S something that should be framed and put on a wall for everyone to see!

Dance Senior Pictures Ballet Pointe Chandler

Tips & Tricks for Your Ballet Pics

There are a few great tips, given by Mavery herself, that will help you plan for upcoming senior pictures of your own. Whether you’re a dancer, a basketball player, or a theater aficionado, these tips all apply to you in one way or another too!

  1. Take older shoes, especially for pointe or ballroom pictures. (Also, don’t take your brand-new cheer or basketball shoes to the waterside because they will get dirty!)
  2. Practice your poses…and your tricks. If you plan on going en pointe on a giant rock, for example, be sure to brush up on your balance work so you can really hit that pose on the big day. Likewise, if you want to spin the b-ball on your fingertips, make sure it’s doable on your day.
  3. Loosen up…your muscles and your clothes. If you’re planning on more active photos, make sure you wear outfits that are comfortable and cute! You’ll need to be able to move freely if you want to pirouette or even kickflip your skateboard.
  4. Costuming is key. Whether you’re performing on stage or posing for pics, be sure to pay attention to where you are and match your outfit to the setting. In dance, styles always match the scene; so be sure you think about matching your surroundings for your senior pics, too.

En Pointe

A dancer at heart, Mavery’s graceful ballet moves were on display beside the water. In pointe shoes and a floral, flowy dress, she made every move look effortless as she extended into long, elegant lines.

outdoor senior pictures ballet pointe arizona

The fun thing about these photos is seeing the joy on Mavery’s face as she shows off a skill she truly loves. That’s why I enjoy talking to seniors and getting to know them before their photo shoot so I can get even more great ideas about what drives and inspires them.

Natural Beauty

Mavery has been a dancer for 15 years, and she has been competitive for the past 11 years in pointe, tap, jazz, contemporary, ballroom, and hip hop. Talk about a serious collection of talent in one young lady!

She’s been Clara in The Nutcracker and has performed in the ballets Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. During her junior year, she received a superior choreography award from the State Dance Festival, and most recently, Mavery was captain of her competition team at iDance Studio in Gilbert, Arizona.

outdoor senior pictures dance chandler az

Extracurriculars Add Extra Joy

Whether you participate in extracurricular school activities like sports teams, art clubs, or special interest groups…or whether you blaze your own path and belong to teams and groups outside of school, ALL of these things are an important part of who you become as a young adult!

When you share those things as you plan your senior picture package, we can work together to come up with some unique and creative ideas that reflect ALL the amazing things that make you who you are!

  • Oh these are great! I believe when you play any sports or dance, you should always get some senior pictures that incorporate that! Great job bringing out her skill and talent!

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    • Hi Andrea! Nobody wants boring senior pictures, including me! I need to entertain myself too, so it’s lots of fun when I get talented seniors like this where I can be a little more creative!

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    • Hi Deborah! I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment! It’s so true, at the time it seems like they will be in dance forever and then all of sudden, it’s just over and all we have left are these beautiful photos to help us remember all the wonderful memories!

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