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Cute Senior Picture Outfits for Your Professional Portrait Session

Confused about what to wear for your senior pictures? It can be a daunting task but choosing some cute senior picture outfits can set a tone for the shoot, inspire the photographer, make you feel fabulous and confident, and result in better senior pictures than you thought possible!

Cute Outfits for Senior Pictures

I’m here again with more tips to help you choose cute senior picture outfits! To get the pictures that tell a story and look phenomenal, you need to find the right outfits. Clothing items can set a tone for the shoot and really take your images from mediocre to marvelous!  Since shopping in your own closet isn’t always enough, remember you have access to my exclusive Style Closet. Feel free to select from this carefully curated selection of fashion items to help you spruce up your wardrobe.  Today we’re talking about a great trend, something my senior girls love, and I have many colors, sizes, and styles in my Style Closet: the jumpsuit. They are some of the most popular items in my Style Closet. My seniors love them and look amazing in them!

How to Pull Off a Jumpsuit for Your Senior Pictures

Jumpsuits are extremely fun fashion pieces, which makes them great for a photo shoot. They are easy to accessorize, can help you look put together, and fit into numerous styles. Jumpsuits elongate the silhouette of the body and accentuate the waist, creating a lovely hourglass shape. Posing in a jumpsuit is limitless and we can go from sophisticated to playful just by changing up the style!

Marissa x 2

Goodness, this post is just overflowing with beautiful teens named Marissa! You’ll meet the 3rd one in just a bit. I love how this yellow jumpsuit works so well for both of these young ladies. One has gorgeous long dark hair while the other has stunning blonde curls, and yet this colorful jumpsuit looks stunning on both of them! It can be accessorized with sunglasses or just add some glitter!

Cute Outfits Teen Picutres East Mesa Az
Unique Locations Senior Pictures East Mesa

Andrea decided to use the gorgeous Arizona desert for her senior pictures and we were blessed with an abundance of wildflowers. They became the perfect background and prop. The yellow wildflowers matched the jumpsuit in both color and pattern which gave the photo a cohesive look. Andrea’s winning smile made this photos one of her favorites!

Cute Outfits Senior Pictures Chandler AZ

Location and accessories can transform an outfit. At about 5’11” this jump suit is an excellent choice for my tall girls out there! Kate’s daytime photo (left) paired with low heels and layered bracelets gives the jumpsuit a more laid-back vibe. On the right we have yet ANOTHER beautiful Marissa! Her image shows just how gorgeous this great jumpsuit looks during a night-time shoot too! We grabbed the famous black floppy hat from the Style Closet and her darling black heels, and you can see just how gorgeous the jumpsuit works at night too!

Cute Outfits Senior Pictures Eastmark Mesa

The pattern of the jumpsuit can also play a huge role in the way your photo turns out. For example, Cassandra wore a senior favorite, this fun polka dot jumpsuit! This photo shows just a touch of retro while remaining true to her style. The red heels…my fave!!!! They complemented the pattern perfectly and brought some spice to the outfit. Then the kicked back pose at San Tan Village gave us a fun way to showcase Cassandra’s playful personality.

Best Photographer Phoenix Senior Pictures at Night

How to Choose the Right Jumpsuit

Think about what you want from your senior photos and what style suits you. With so many colors and patterns in the Style Closet, I’m sure we’ll find one you’ll love! Once you’ve selected a jumpsuit, you can start adding accessories to transform the entire look and bring out your best features. And if you want some more inspiration, just check out these cute senior picture outfits!

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  • I can see why you are the go-to Chandler Senior Photographer! Love, love, love your senior sessions!

    • It’s always great to hear from you Jeanine! I tell my clients all the time, in almost 12 years, I’ve literally NEVER had a senior I didn’t love!

  • Love all the different poses and lighting options you show in the same outfits! It’s a great way to show that each outfit can serve many purposes and that they can all have their own look. It’s also a great guide to helping people find what they want to wear for their session!

    • Hey Candace, glad to hear from you! Being a natural light photographer, I used to stop shooting at sunset. Since I started using OCF though, we can keep shooting and it adds even more variety for my senior portrait sessions!

  • Super cute senior clothes to borrow and wear! It has been harder to find clothes lately, what a great service!

    • You know as well as I do Dana, that styling is super important for portrait sessions! Sometimes you need just the right outfits, but I’d hate to have a senior buy an outfit just for senior pictures that they’d never wear again. So the style closet fills that gap…and I get to go shopping! LOL!

  • Love these ideas! Jumpsuits are my fave! Beautiful images!

  • I love how you put this blog together to talk about just one outfit, focusing on how to use a jumpsuit and fix it to make it fit each person. Love the blog post. Great way to showcase the verity of that.

  • The golden outfits just POP off the page-love those so much!

  • Now this is a topic that every senior girl loves! And ladies of all ages, for that matter. What to wear? What looks cute? How to pull off a cute outfit? Your senior wardrobe ideas combined with your professional posing craft the most exciting senior photos! Indeed Michelle, you are the Best Chandler Senior Photographer!