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Creative Ways to Incorporate Photos Into Home Décor

In an era dominated by digital photos taken on your iPhone, there's something truly magical about holding a physical photograph in your hands, and as a professional photographer, I want every client to have more than digital images. A client fave is the 10x10 Heirloom Album. It is every mom's dream to have an entire book filled with gorgeous images of her senior!

Let me guess. You’ve had professional portraits taken but now have no idea to to use them to display them in your home. That’s a very common problem for many families. Whether it be family photos, senior portraits, or even images from your iPhone, I can help you transform your living space into a gallery of cherished memories with some amazing ideas.

Photographs capture moments, tell stories, and evoke emotions, making them a perfect addition to your home’s interior design. Whether you have a collection of family photos, travel snapshots, or artwork you want to display, there are countless creative ways to integrate them seamlessly into your décor. Follow us as we look at some innovative ideas to help you turn your new house into a personalized haven filled with beautiful memories.

Wall Art

While canvas prints offer a beautiful way to display your professional portraits, Magical Memories by Michelle offers a more modern solution. We offer silk mounted fine art prints, which can be framed, displayed on an easel, or even hung directly on your wall for a more modern feel. These beautiful works of art become the centerpiece of any room. The tactile quality of silk prints offers a distinctive fingerprint resistant surface with gorgeous true-to-life colors and sharper detail quality.  

You can select a single large print to command attention, making it the focal point of your décor. Alternatively, you can create a gallery by selecting several of your favorite images, allowing you to tell a story or convey a theme. The versatility of silk wall prints lets you experiment with different sizes, styles, and layouts to suit your home’s décor, whether it’s a modern, minimalist aesthetic or a cozy, rustic ambiance.

One advantage to creating displays, is that you can add to them over time. Sarah’s family has hired Magical Memories by Michelle for a variety of portrait sessions over the years. As a display, we can customize your display to combine images from multiple sessions and fit any area of your home.

Heirloom Albums

While photo albums are a classic way to preserve memories, they can also serve as decorative pieces when displayed creatively. This adds a personal touch to your home décor and makes it easy for guests to browse your cherished moments. Heirloom albums are an excellent way to preserve and showcase all your favorite images. These albums, also made printed on silk, can be a permanent feature on your coffee table or bookshelf. Personalize them with a family quote, your senior’s name to add an extra touch of sentimentality.

Rather than hiding them away, bring your photo albums out of storage and make them a part of your home’s visual narrative. Any family or friends visiting can’t help but ask to see your gorgeous album! You can take them on a walk down memory lane and share all your favorite senior year memories, as well as favorite stories of your children growing up.

Graduation Photo Album Mesa AZ

Wall Gallery

Transform your favorite photos into large prints to create a visual impact in any room. Whether it’s a landscape, a family portrait, or a candid moment, large prints can be a striking addition to your home. They work well as a focal point in a room, and you can choose from various printing options. The key is to select images that resonate with you and complement the space where they will be displayed.

Statement Pieces

Who says art galleries have all the fun? Turn your favorite photographs into large prints and watch them transform into breathtaking art pieces.

Mixing Sizes and Styles

Play around with different frame styles and sizes. Smaller area can also be used to display portraits. Trust me, you’ll smile every time you see them!

Think Beyond Frames: Get creative with materials. Remember the gorgeous silk wall art I’ve mentioned? Those are definitely a client favorite, but our clients also love metal and acrylic. These textures add an extra layer of uniqueness to your photo displays.


Storyboards offer a contemporary and versatile way to showcase your photos. Maybe you have 5-6 favorite images but want them all printed together as one gorgeous piece of art. Storyboards are custom designed to perfectly fit your images and come in many colors and sizes, anything from a small 5×10 to display on your nightstand, to 24×36 statement pieces. You can even customize your storyboard with your favorite quote or bible verse.

Create a mosaic of memories by mixing and matching photo tiles to fit your style and space. For hanging photo displays, use string lights, clips, or clothespins to hang your photos in a unique and charming way. This approach works especially well in bedrooms, children’s rooms, or outdoor spaces, creating a relaxed and nostalgic atmosphere.

Incorporate Photos Into Home Décor

Incorporating photos into home décor is a wonderful way to infuse your living space with personal meaning and a sense of identity. Whether you prefer a classic, elegant style or a more eclectic and playful approach, there are endless creative ways to showcase your cherished memories. So, start brainstorming and get ready to transform your house into a beautiful gallery of your life’s most precious moments!

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  • This is such excellent advice, Michelle, you’ve provided so many options for families on how to hang their artwork to showcase their memories. Thank you for sharing your product offerings, the only way to really properly enjoy your images is to create heirloom quality pieces to see every day!

  • This information on creative ways to display photos in your home is GOLD! The perfect follow-up to a fun senior portrait session is enjoying those images for years to come. From prints to albums and storyboards and more you offer so many great solutions, so thank you!

    • Hi Jeanine! Even as a photographer I sometimes struggle with different ways to display photos, so I’m glad it helped you too!

  • So many great ideas for displaying your professional photos! I especially love the gallery ideas. Excellent photography by the way!

  • Pictures are meant to be printed and enjoyed. I love all the options you give your clients. You can never go wrong with a beautiful album to show off a full session. I hate when I have clients tell me about family pictures they have taken in the past and they are still just sitting on their computer because they never had the time to print anything.

    • Yes!!! I tell clients all the time that I don’t go through all this effort for the images to sit on a USB. Let’s get them printed!

  • I love this! Such a great way to show all the things that can be done with digital negatives to get them out of the drawers and on to the wall! By helping them make these choices it allows them to be able to enjoy these photos daily!

    • Michelle