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Rae went all-out for her ‘50s-themed photo shoot, and when she showed up dressed to the nines from head to toe, I was bowled over! Rae looked like she stepped right out of the fifties in her red dress with white polka dots. Her outfit perfectly complemented the diner’s décor, and all we needed was...

Professional Senior Pictures at 50’s Diner

As soon as I met Rae and her family, I knew her photo shoot would end up being a standout! Rae breezed into my office all smiles and energy, and she was ready to roll up her sleeves and participate in the entire planning process. I love that kind of participation from my clients because it helps me figure out what they like right off the bat!

The Perfect Venue for Rae’s Vintage Style

I picked up on her creativity from the get-go, and when she threw her initial idea out to me, I was excited to get started with research. Rae requested a ‘50s-themed photo shoot, which is one of the coolest things ever—but it does require some upfront recon work. It was an exciting prospect, because the theme she selected is one of my FAVES, and I couldn’t wait to check out what our area had to offer.

Chandler Senior Picture Ideas Diner

Milkshakes, Fries, Diners & Dives

There’s no way I would call this charming café a dive, but since it appeared on the popular Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and received a visit from Guy Fieri, it officially qualifies for the title! Thanks go out to Chase’s Diner in Chandler, Arizona, for allowing us to hang out for an extended period of time with outfit changes and camera equipment in tow. After spending a couple hours there, we can definitely attest to the DELICIOUSNESS that awaits when you visit. (If you make it past the pastry display, you’re a strong, strong person. None of us were strong. We were so, so weak. You’ll know why when you see the chocolate cake!)

Rockin’ Her ‘50s Style

Rae went all-out for her ‘50s-themed photo shoot, and when she showed up dressed to the nines from head to toe, I was bowled over! She was prepared, and it was clear she had been serious about the planning that went into her senior pictures. This gorgeous girl can pull of any look she wants to, and when it comes to jukebox jams and fifties fun, she walked into the diner ready to Rock Around the Clock!

Chandler Senior Picture Ideas Retro 50s Diner

Rae looked like she stepped right out of the fifties in her red dress with white polka dots. Her outfit perfectly complemented the diner’s décor, and all we needed was a milkshake!

Chandler AZ Senior Picture Ideas Diner

The halter-style dress Rae chose highlighted her shoulders and brought the focus to her face, showing off her hair and makeup—which she’d done like an artist! A flared poodle-style skirt turned the dress into absolute perfection, and the only thing that made it better were the strappy red heels she paired to pull the entire look together.

I told you this girl can pull of any look, right?!

From Flirty ’50s to Vintage Va-Va-Voom

Before we wrapped up the shoot, Rae had one more surprise to add to the mix. Tapping into her sassy side, she pulled a red leather jacket and black leather pants from her bag. She stuck with the color theme, but when she emerged with this wardrobe change, she amped up the mood of her photos from “Flirty ’50s” to “Vintage va-va-voom!”

Chandler AZ Senior Picture Ideas Retro Jukebox

Deciding on a Theme

How do you land on a theme or a style for your senior pictures? Everyone is different, and it all depends on your personality! Look at other photo shoots for ideas, but lean into your interests when you plan your session.

That’s EXACTLY why I loved working with Rae. I could see her personality shining in every photo I took at Chase’s Diner. She was in her element, and we had such a blast stepping back in time for a few hours.

Chandler Senior Picture Ideas Retro Jukebox

Super-Fun Thing to Know: This lovely girl graduated EARLY and plans to be a midwife. With her kindness, compassion, and smarts, she’ll have no trouble achieving every goal she sets for herself. I’m excited to hear about what she does next!

  • I love that she went super unique for her senior pictures! What a great way to stand out and just be yourself!

    • I was dying to do a session like this and when I saw the outfit and matching shoes, I knew it was gonna be amazing!!

  • I absolutely love this whole shoot! She rocked it and her outfit was perfect!!! So much fun! I know you had a great time!

    • Yep, it was supposed to be a quick 20-30 minute shoot just to get a few fun shots and let me shoot because it was still 110+ outside. We ended up shooting for well over an hour because it was just so much fun!

  • These creative senior portrait photos are wonderful. A great change of pace from the usual senior pictures.

    • Agreed, and sometimes as professional photographers we need to change it up more than the seniors do! 🙂

  • A wonderful idea to change up senior portraits. Beautiful images.

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