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Cost of Senior Picture Packages | Phoenix Senior Photography

One of the most asked questions I get is how much do senior pictures cost? Is it worth the extra cost to hire a professional photographer? Can you afford it? Well that's up to you. Everyone values different things in life, and for my clients, they treasure memories, photos, keepsakes, and an fun experience that allows one-on-one time with their soon-to-be grad!

Cost vs Value of Professional Photographer

This is one of the first questions most people ask, but it shouldn’t dictate your decision, and I’ll tell you why. Of course your personal budget is important, but when it comes to professional photographs, quality is key—and there’s nothing worse than spending money (ANY amount of money) and getting poor quality photos in return.

Deal or No Deal?

Am I more expensive than other photographers? Yep. Are there other photographers priced higher than me? Yep. Are there photographers who shoot for little or nothing? Absolutely. In fact, you can probably ask on Facebook right now and find someone to take your senior pictures for fifty bucks…but you’ll probably end up with blurry shots, glare, and photos that are underexposed or too bright. Those “deals” may initially seem like a bargain, but it’s sure not going to be any fun gifting those photos to Grandma at Christmastime!

Focusing on What Matters

None of that matters to me. Instead, I’m focused on the relationships I build with my clients and their families, the memories we create together, and making sure you have something tangible to enjoy once your little bird leaves the nest.

Can you guess the next most popular question I hear from potential clients?

Is It Worth It?

Nearly every client who comes through my door spends more than they were planning, but 100% of them are glad they did! You can read reviews and ask around, but recently I invited Janelle Stahl to write about the senior portrait experience with her daughter Marissa, a Class of 2020 grad from Red Mountain High School. Here’s just a small quote from Janelle:

I couldn’t even believe everything our daughter’s senior portrait experience included…

– Loads of prep time with Michelle
– Amazing Style Guide & help with fashion & makeup
– Guidance & referrals for hair & makeup pros
– Access to a stocked-to-the-brim Style Closet
– A 3+ hour photo shoot at multiple locations (moms, wear comfy shoes!)
– Professional retouching…but only what we wanted
– Out-of-this-world keepsakes

I also learned that my I also learned that my already-amazingly beautiful and talented daughter had another side to her—one that I had never seen before. I probably wouldn’t have gotten to see it if she hadn’t been working with Michelle.


That’s all I can say. As I read Janelle’s words for the first time, I cried. I didn’t even get through the first few sentences and needed to stop. It’s overwhelming to hear such a detailed review about my photo shoots. Want to hear about their entire senior portrait experience? Go check it out then come back for the pricing details. You’ll see exactly why the answer is YES, it’s worth it!

Senior Portrait Session Fees

Let’s start by breaking down exactly what you’re paying for. First, there are Session Fees. While some photographers might be “all-inclusive” and give you “all the digitals” which is pretty common these days, professional photographers like myself offer a whole different senior portrait experience. You might see them listed as Creative Fees and even Retainers, but to put it simply, that’s the price for your photographer’s time and talent during your photo shoot. These fees often vary based on time, number of outfits, your location, and most of all the photographer’s experience. Sure, you can pay $150-$300 and get “all the digitals” but that’s all you’ll get. Instead, when I decided to specialize in senior portraits, I wanted to create a fabulous, stress-free experience that both parents and seniors would love!

In-Person Consultation

Before you even book your session, we’ll talk and then you’ll have the chance to schedule an in-person consultation. I’ll be honest…about 95% of people who come in for a consultation decide to schedule with me. Why? Because they find out how crazy excited I am about every senior I meet!

But why come in for a consultation? This gives you a chance to see my premium product line, review pricing, and get all your questions answered. Plus (and this is HUGE) meet me in person! Unlike other photographers who meet you in a parking lot right before your photo shoot, I want to get to know the seniors I’ll be working with, along with their likes, dislikes, and interests—so they’ll feel ready to be a rock star in front of the camera! It’s much easier to relax and feel at home in front of the camera if everyone is acquainted before I ever pull out a camera.

What do you love? What ideas do you have? I have literally thousands of images from senior portrait sessions I can share with you for inspiration, and we’ll have plenty of time to chat in our initial meeting. I love it when clients have creative ideas of their own, but I can also guide you and give you tons of great ideas to get you started! My goal is to make sure you leave our initial meeting feeling excited and enthusiastic about your senior photo shoot…not stressed or nervous.

Also, because I specialize in seniors and have two high school grads of my own (Class of 2019 and Class of 2021), I can walk you through every step of the process—from consultation through graduation! Have questions about what to order from Jostens or how to get gorgeous cap & gown pictures? What about graduation announcements and invitations? I can help with ALL of that!

A Variety of Options for Senior Photography Sessions

My photo shoot sessions remain largely the same with a couple new and flexible offerings I hope you’ll love! While my sessions didn’t used to have names, I’ve labeled them for ease of helping clients narrow down exactly what they’re looking for. Below, you’ll see the different session types highlighted so you can start thinking about locations, outfits, and decide how you want to remember and celebrate your graduation!

***Pre-booking prices for Class of 2025 sessions through August 2024***

The Ultimate Senior Portrait Session

Session Fee: $650
Minimum Order: $2900

This is by far best-selling senior portrait experience! The Ultimate Session rolls from daytime into the evening hours, allowing you to add a selection of after-dark photos to your senior collection. With at least 3 hours in front of the camera, you’ll get to choose multiple locations, enjoy several outfit changes, and have at least 50 unique images in your final gallery. About a week after your session, you’ll return for your Image Premiere and Ordering Session to select all your favorite photos and products. This is the longest and most in-depth photo shoot, so if you’re not shy about striking a pose—and if you’re looking for tons of variety in your portrait collection—this is the one for you! 

Want to see The Ultimate Session galleries? Check these out! Why are there so many? Because like I said…this is the most popular choice for senior pictures.

Senior Pictures at Tempe Town Lake
Queen Creek Senior Pictures
Graduation Photos for Guys
Chandler Professional Senior Portraits
Scottsdale Senior Pictures
Desert Ridge Senior Pictures
Phoenix Senior Portraits

The Platinum Senior Portrait Session

Session Fee: $450
Minimum Order: $2400

Similar to The Ultimate Session, The Platinum Session is an elite senior photo session with all the bells and whistles, lots of outfits and locations, and 2-3 hours in front of the camera. You’ll be able to capture all your unique looks in all the places you love around town. If you want to wander about town in Gilbert, Chandler, or Mesa, this is a great option! About a week later, you’ll come in for your Image Premiere and Ordering Session to where I’ll help you choose your favorite images and design your artwork.

These seniors all chose The Platinum Session and had sessions all the best East Valley locations!

Seton Catholic Prep Senior Portrait Session
Fun Ideas for Your Senior Year Photo Shoot
Senior Pictures for Black Girls
Graduation Photos in Gilbert
Ideas for Guys Senior Photos
Senior Pictures in Chandler, Arizona
Outfit Ideas for Senior Portraits

The Signature Senior Portrait Session

Session Fee: $350
Minimum Order: $1400

This is a new session type, sort of a scaled-down version of a The Platinum SessionThe Signature Session includes a single location, 3-4 outfits, and a full hour in front of the camera. While this is a shorter session at a nearby East Mesa location, it is plenty of time to get beautiful senior portraits. About a week later, you’ll come in for your Image Premiere and Ordering Session to choose your favorite images and design your artwork.

If you choose a The Signature Session for your senior portraits, you’ll have a gallery similar to these.

Senior Photography Sessions for Grads
Best Arizona Graduation Pictures
Williams Field Senior Pictures
Ahwatukee Senior Pictures

The Quick Take: $695 All-Inclusive Session

Session Fee: $695 (includes 5 digital images)

This is a no-frills, quick-and-easy photo shoot, and the ONLY all-inclusive session that includes digital images…it’s the The Quick Take Session. It’s perfect if you’re looking for just a few high-quality images to share with your closest friends and family members. This 20 minute session takes place at an East Mesa location. Immediately following your session, we’ll return to my office for you to select your final 5 images (included in your session), and then you’re welcome to purchase additional digital images or products.  Your final images will, of course, be professionally retouched and you’ll receive them in about a week.

If you choose a The Quick Take Session for your senior portraits, it will be similar to these beautiful outdoor sessions.

Chandler Senior Portrait Photographer
Quick & Easy Senior Photo Sessions

Options Abound

My clients agree that it’s definitely worth it to invest in quality senior photos to celebrate the accomplishments and hard work of their young adults! Especially when they are so close to flying out of the nest and exploring the world on their own, it’s comforting to have beautiful keepsakes around the house as reminders of all the years of laughter, growth, silliness, and even tears that got them to this point.

My goal as a professional photographer is to offer the highest quality sessions and products to all my clients, and I’ve worked to provide a wide variety of packages to suit all your needs! From digitals to heirloom keepsakes to display around the house, I’m proud of the selection you’ll find at Magical Memories by Michelle.

I can’t wait to work with you to create beautiful graduation keepsakes!

Find a Photographer for Senior Pictures

Ready to plan your senior picture session? If you’re a 2025 grad and you want to learn more about the iconic Magical Memories senior portrait experience, I’d love to share my Senior Client Welcome Guide with you! Just click below to sign up and the guide will be delivered to your email!

Don’t forget to keep following the Magical Memories by Michelle blog for more exciting updates about past sessions. Start collecting ideas now so you’ll be ready for a fab session later. You’ll find great ideas on my PinterestInstagram, and Facebook pages and be sure to explore my website to learn more Arizona’s top senior portrait sessions.


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