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Books, Special Effects Makeup, and a Cosplay Photo Shoot | Include Hobbies & Passions in Your Senior Pictures

Whether you want to read in the park, dress up in cosplay, or just show off your fashion style, when you lean into all the things you love, your senior pictures will be amazing!

Creative & Eye-Catching Senior Pictures for Girls

Just when I think I’ve met every kind of client and photographed everything under the sun, along comes someone like Julia! A 2022 graduate of Higley High School in Gilbert, AZ, she’s got a wide range of talents and hobbies she wanted to include in her senior portrait collection. With interests ranging from reading and listening to music to playing video games and cosplay, Julia has a lot going on! Top all that off with working hard to become a successful grad, and this girl has her hands full.

Regal in Purple

Want to know a secret? If you don’t love your high school’s colors, you don’t have to wear them for your graduation photos!

Yep, believe it or not, Julia’s school colors of blue and silver just weren’t her style for senior photos, so she opted to borrow a cap and gown from my extensive collection. I have tons of outfits and accessories in the exclusive Style Closet for my clients to use, and that includes a variety of different graduation caps and gowns in different colors and lengths.

The deep purple of her cap and gown really stands out in her photos, too! On a sunny day in the park, the sun gleams and helps to produce a regal, lovely effect. Many of my clients love to try to capture a sun flare as they toss their cap high into the air, and although it usually requires several tries and perfect timing, Julia pulled it off in perfect style. With an arm raised high in the sky after tossing her cap, I captured a brilliant sun flare that adds even more artistry to Julia’s pictures.

Graduation Photos Girls Chandler

Books Make the Imagination Soar

A lover of books, Julia has a long list of favorite that include Carry On, My Heart and Other Black Holes, 100 Days, and more! We had discussed it ahead of time, and she planned to bring a stack of her favorite books to use as accessories during her session.

I always want my clients to have unique and creative senior pictures that reflect them and their personal style. That’s why I love this photo of Julia with her bare feet propped up on a tree as she lies on her back in the grass reading! It feels laid-back and casual—and it perfectly captures Julia’s love of books and her laidback attitude toward life.

Great Poses Senior Pictures Books

Sunshine, Blue Skies & Stories Galore

Dressed in stylish light blue jeans and a flowy casual top, Julia is dressed perfectly for a day in the park. Barefoot in the grass, she’s perfectly content to read the day away with a stack of her favorite books at her fingertips.

Her face says it all…she’s in her happy place! Close to home and enjoying a sunny day, her relaxed and happy expressions make her a natural in front of the camera. Her choice of accessories is just right for this occasion, too. Wearing her glasses and an on-trend belt, Julia looks every part a smart and relaxed student. In one photo she even carries a chic patchwork bag that tops the scene off perfectly!

Senior Photo Ideas Books

In Bloom…in Yellow

As nighttime began to arrive, Julia opted for another outfit change—and this girl SHINES in yellow! She fashionably layered a cardigan with sunflowers over a yellow fitted tee for a casual yet chic take on a casual evening look. With the lights shining behind her in bokeh style, Julia instantly becomes the center of attention in every image!

Senior Photo Ideas

Cast a Magical Spell

Whether she’s reading about potions and spells or strolling through the park, Julia always manages to look fabulous. She’s a makeup pro, and with expertly applied products, she changes things up to coordinate with a variety of outfits!

Here, she’s completely decked out in cosplay style in a moon and stars witch dress. With complementary tights, shoes, and makeup, she holds a spell book and looks oh-so-witchy (a nice witch, of course!)

It was super-fun to see how Julia’s practiced hand applied makeup that perfectly matched every outfit and background. In this photo, she’s even wearing black lipstick for a bewitching look!

Senior Photos Girls Chandler Arizona

Twinkling Nighttime Photos in Mod Black

With sundown far behind us, Julia changed into her final outfit of the evening—and she looks absolutely lovely posing under the city lights. In a black tank dress with a net underlay covering her arms, she looks ready to step out for a glamorous evening!

Julia has an uncanny way of accessorizing and making sure every little detail is covered. Here, she dons a black coordinating hat that adds eye-catching style to her already-glam dressed-up look.

Goth Prom Senior Pictures

What a fun time I had working with Julia and her mom throughout the photo shoot—and in the weeks leading up to it! You get to know your clients well when you’re prepping for their professional photo session, and I’m so happy I was able to deliver a creative and fun range of shots for Julia and her family to enjoy for years to come!

If you’re a 2023—or even a 2024—grad, be sure to check out all the senior picture package options I offer! From quick-take sessions to extended day-to-night sessions, I have everything you’re looking for. Limited time slots are available for 2023, so contact me to get on the calendar.

Be sure to check out more of my blog for great information on senior portrait sessions and tons of inspiring ideas for your photo shoot. And stay up to date with the latest by following me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!

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