Cool Senior Photos for Guys in Chandler, AZ

Be sure you get one-of-a-kind senior pictures by sharing your interests and hobbies with me! We can incorporate all the things you love to create a meaningful portrait collection for you.

Fun Ways to Amp Up Your Senior Pictures & Show Off Your Personality

It’s so much fun when a client tells me they have lots of different hobbies and interests. I immediately start thinking of creative ways to deliver unique, one-of-a-kind senior pictures that show every side of their personality!

David is a 2022 grad from Perry High School in Gilbert, Arizona, and after an over-the-top senior year, he’s looking forward to everything the future holds for him. He’s a gamer and a Spider-Man fan—and he loves recording things and watching his favorite shows on TV. Known for his friendly, caring spirit, it was important for me to share all of his fantastic traits and hobbies in his senior photo collection.

Sunshine & Shades…Outdoor Photos in the East Valley

We started off by soaking up some sunshine in the great outdoors—which was the perfect way to show off David’s casual style. He’s a natural in front of the camera, and his sense of fashion stood out from the very first outfit he wore!

In a dark blue patterned dress shirt, David relaxed into several casual poses that showed off his photo-ready look! Of course, the bright day called for a pair of fashionable sunglasses, and David rocked those as he gazed off into the distance, excited about the future ahead of him.

Chandler Senior Photography Guys

The Serious Gig of Gaming

It was important to David and his family that we capture several candid shots of him doing what he loves to do, and video gaming jumped right to the top of the list! In his gaming photo collage, he shares some candid and serious expressions that hint at the level of concentration it takes to master the game.

Relaxing in a red leather recliner, David wears a headset and holds a game controller in his hands. I love the range of emotions that cross his face—from intensity, to focus, to joy. Of course, we had to get a picture of him grinning because he’s doing something he loves! Decked out in a PlayStation tee, casual ripped jeans, and tennis shoes, he looks every bit the part of a talented gamer.

Ideas Gaming Senior Pictures Chandler Senior Photography

Sundown Moments in the City

As the sun started to set, we took advantage of the beautiful colors and shadows that played throughout this fun urban setting. By the way, we didn’t have to travel far! Everything was practically right in our own backyards, so a hop, skip, and a jump got us to every location we wanted to use for his senior photos.

David had previously mentioned to me that he loves urban settings, so we made sure to hit some great city spots for these pictures. In dressy jeans, he alternates from a button-down casual shirt to a dress shirt with a vest and tie.

It’s always good to make sure we get a wide range of looks—for a couple great reasons. First of all, you’ll end up with a well-rounded photo collection to show off. And secondly, when we take a bunch of photos, clients have that many more to choose from! (Ok, I’ll admit, usually narrowing down the amazing photos at the big reveal is the toughest part for everyone involved!)

Chandler Senior Photography Night

Suit & Tie Photos for the Win

Just about every client (and client’s mom!) wants some senior pictures that show off their dressiest style. We opted for inside photos because David’s house offered the perfect setting for both his video game pictures AND his dressy pictures.

With a background of rich wood and glass, along with a supple red leather chair, David stands out in his fancy duds! In a dark blue suit, he shows off an impressive tie collection that really adds to his images. An eye-catching red tie stands out and coordinates beautifully with the props and background we chose. And a patterned tie that coordinates with his dark suit gives him another look altogether.

Chandler Senior Photography Perry High School

Light, Shadow & A Music Icon

A fan of Michael Jackson, David wanted to work some photo magic and pay tribute to a huge music icon. In a gorgeous black & white image, he pulls off a perfect moon walk as he tips his hat forward.

True to his wishes of wanting modern, urban settings, I made sure to find a location that had plenty of angles, concrete, and ways to play with light and shadow. With a darker background, David’s light-colored shirt stands out in the foreground and makes him the star of the show!

It’s easy to see he’s in his element in this fun photo as he imitates a recognizable Michael Jackson move that everyone surely remembers!

Michael Jackson Inspired Senior Pictures

A Star in Full Color

In an ode to an all-time fave, this movie-poster-style photo shows David as the star of the show. He strikes an iconic pose with his back to the camera as he stands in the spotlight that reflects a red wall in front of him.

It was so much fun to create this unique photo! The play between light and dark gives this image a dramatic, eye-catching feel. I even added fun details like a bottom scroll that casts him and his family in starring roles. Topped off with a famous Michael Jackson quote, this movie poster turned out to be a hit with everyone!

Creative Senior Pictures Movie Poster Michael Jackson

Time to Save the World

In superhero style, David poses in his favorite Spidey tee with a city backdrop behind him. He looks ready to jump in and save the day—which is perfect timing, because this brand-new graduate is ready to take on the world!

In the lower image of this photo collage, we had to add in some serious superhero effects, so billowing red and white smoke surround David as he pulls open his button-down to reveal his Spider-Man status.

Superhero Senior Pictures Chandler Arizona

It’s so much fun to work with clients who have great ideas for locations, outfits, and poses—and David had plenty of great ideas! We got a chance to be creative, and in addition to his more traditional looks, we were able to add in so many one-of-a-kind images, too!

It was so great to work with David and his family, and I’m excited to see where this young man goes after graduation. He wants to work a job he loves, and after a gap year filled with plans for even more adventures, he plans to go to college to further his education. There’s a great-big world out there, and I’m glad superheroes like David are ready to take it on!

If you’re ready to talk about senior pictures, be sure to contact me to get on the schedule. We can chat and talk about all the awesome ideas you have! Follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook for all the latest updates and creative photo ideas. And be sure to keep reading the blog for tons of photo session inspiration.

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  • So many great images for this senior guy. His photos are wonderful and I’m sure they loved the variety of outfits and locations that you offered them!

    • Hi Jodi! I really appreciate you taking the time to read about David., He really did choose great outfits for his senior pictures!

  • This senior session has so much personality and variety. You can feel David’s passion radiate in these images. He and his family will cherish these senior pictures images forever.

    • Hi Jody! I’m so glad you enjoyed David’s senior pictures. His family has an image box filled with all their favorites!

  • I love all the different looks in this Gilbert High school senior guys session! He is full of personality and his smile just radiates joy!

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