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Celebrate College Graduation with Senior Pictures

College graduation marks the culmination of years of late nights, hard work, dedication, endless stress...all to pursue your dreams. But it's time now, you did it! Let's celebrate your college graduation with senior pictures! Is this a thing, really? Well, if it wasn't, it is now! From cap and gown moments to favorite dresses and downtown vibes, get ideas for your graduation photos in Downtown Phoenix.

ASU College of Nursing Graduation

For Sydney, a recent graduate from the ASU College of Nursing, this milestone signifies the beginning of an exciting new chapter in her life. To celebrate her academic achievements, we headed to the bustling heart of Downtown Phoenix, where she’s spent the last 4 years pursing her BSN. Fear not, there is nothing boring about this photography session, as we included not only her cap & gown, but also her favorite styles to show her beautiful smile and personality at this time in her life.

ASU College Graduation Photographer

Cap & Gown Moment

Normally I incorporate scrubs with a stethoscope for senior pictures, so this was very much a happy accident. Even though Syd was fully prepared, somehow she managed to leave her scrubs in her car back in Tempe. No worries, a professional photographer knows how to make the most of every situation! Her personality shines through wearing her ASU graduation attire while including her major, and now it’s definitely one of my favorite poses for health care students!

ASU College of Nursing Graduate Downtown Campus

Sydney’s graduation day was a momentous occasion filled with pride and joy. Clad in her cap and gown, she beamed with the knowledge that her years of study and countless hours of clinicals had led her to this moment. ASU’s downtown campus, where all the health science classes are held, became the perfect backdrop for this photo. Forks up!!

ASU College Graduate Downtown Campus

One mistake I see often from both high school and college graduates is not having the proper attire for under your graduation gown. Yes, some images might have the robe zipped up, covering your outfit, but others won’t. If you choose a great outfit with the proper shoes, you’ll easily add another look to your gallery. Sydney quickly slipped out of her cap & gown for pictures in this lovely white dress.

Another great addition to your graduation session is a diploma cover. If you can order one, great! But if not, ask a friend or family member, just as Sydney did and bring it along to show off your accomplishment

ASU Graduation Photography Session

Casual Looks for Senior Pictures

When Sydney isn’t attending clinicals in her nursing scrubs, you can often find her enjoying the vibrant culture of downtown Phoenix in her casual, everyday attire. Her fashion choices reflect her love for the city’s dynamic atmosphere. Comfortable yet chic, Sydney’s casual looks blend perfectly with the urban environment.

Grad Photos in Downtown Phoenix

Exploring Downtown Phoenix

As we turned the corner to find the gorgeous glass buildings, I could envision this as the perfect background for some photos that would be just a bit more edgy. Sydney was willing to try anything, and have her sister along allowed her to get into this pose, which wasn’t an easy task, allowed this to be a quick opportunity for something different. Once she was perched on the concrete edge, her sister quickly handed her sunglasses and we grabbed yet another amazing look! She makes it look easy!

Downtown Phoenix College Senior Pictures

And when you bring your sister, we definitely need to get pictures of the two of you together, as we did with Syd and Abi. Abi stole her sister’s ASU t-shirt as we grabbed these candid moments of them together, bonding as ASU Sun Devils.

Fun College Graduation Photos with Family

Downtown Phoenix is a hub of creativity, color, and culture. This is just once instance where you’ll benefit from hiring a professional portrait photographer. To Sydney, this was just an artistic glass wall, but to me it was the perfect backdrop for some stunning headshots!

Gorgeous Senior Pictures for College Grad

Heritage Square

As the last outfit of the day, Sydney changed into these gorgeous heels with a simple crop top and jeans, but adding the jacket gave a whole new sense of WOW!! Simple poses range from casually leaning against a lamp post to show off those heels, to sliding that jacket just a little off her shoulders. She sure knows how to make a lasting impression with her impeccable fashion sense!.

College Senior Pictures in Arizona

As she steps into the world of nursing, her achievements are celebrated not only in her academic success but also in her ability to balance professionalism with personal flair. I look forward to watching her continued success in the healthcare field. A huge congratulations to you, Sydney, and enjoy the adventures that lie ahead!

Graduating Soon?

Whether your a high school or college senior, let’s start planning your grad session! Let’s chat and see if you’re ready to sign up for one of Arizona’s best senior portrait experiences! You can start by grabbing your FREE download of the Senior Client Welcome Guide to learn how to boost your confidence is one afternoon!

If you’re stuck and need ideas for your senior photoshoot, check out some recent sessions on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

  • College seniors are always so fun to photograph! I love this ASU session. She gets to celebrate college graduation and also snag a couple of headshots she can use in her future!

    • I have to admit, I’m really LOVING my college grads! Sometimes it’s because they didn’t get “good” senior pictures, sometimes they didn’t know about professional photography, but now they know about me! So now even my high school seniors are coming back for more! Another 4 years is a huge difference and a college degree is absolutely a reason to celebrate!

  • College seniors definitely need to celebrate their hard work, and a photo shoot at ASU is the perfect way to do it. Love that you offer a guide and the tip to wear the right attire under the gap and gown, so helpful!

    • Hey Jody! Thank you so much for reading about Sydney! I love these college seniors far more than I had anticipated. It really is a completely different time in their lives compared to high school graduation!

  • What a fun way to cap off college! Great photos!

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