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How to Choose Clothes for Guys Senior Pictures | Best-Dressed Looks for Your Son’s Graduation

Moms, take note and save this post! If you aren't sure what clothes your son should wear for senior pictures, just follow Kaden's example. He's got everything from casual t-shirts and jeans to a GQ look in a styled blue suit! His entire sessions shows great ideas for posing, and expressions too. I always try to get a balance of smiling and serious expressions whenever I’m on a shoot, but when you've got a face as photogenic as Kaden's, serious snaps are definitely a requirement!

Take Your Look from Casual to Dressy for Guys’ Senior Pictures

I think I say it every year, but this year I really, really mean it…this class of graduating seniors is absolutely phenomenal! I look forward to every session I have scheduled, but this one was super special because it wasn’t the first time I’d worked with Kaden. In fact, looking back at one of his earliest sessions with me, you’d barely even recognize the grown-up, fashion-forward young man in this senior session! If you need help choosing the best clothes for guys senior pictures, look no further! Kaden had the perfect mix of casual, formal, styled, and trendy!

Best Formal Clothes Senior Pictures Guys Chandler AZ

Not only have I photographed his big brother Connor and big sister Kelci for their senior portraits, I also worked with Kaden and Connor to create the most adorable set of portraits for brothers to capture their younger, growing-up years. (Kaden is the younger one, and boy, has he grown up!)

I love this casual photo of him relaxing in shades and soaking up the sun as he contemplates the bright future ahead of him. A graduate of Hamilton High School in Chandler, Kaden is about as easygoing as they come, and his choice of a soft knit tee in solid blue offsets his stylish hairstyle and on-trend shades, making him the star of the show. This pic may seem simple at first, but it’s striking for the way the light and shadow play together, adding dimension and a touch of creative flair.

Best Clothes Senior Pictures Guys

You Don’t Have to Smile for the Camera

A serious expression adds a bit of mystery to Kaden’s handsome look as he makes eye contact with the camera in this next photo. His long-sleeved red tee adds a pop of color to the scene and a faded cityscape background delivers mod style that perfectly accompanies his contemplative look. This striking and handsome image just goes to show that you don’t always have to be grinning ear-to-ear to get the awesome senior picture results you’re looking for!

Choose Best Clothes Casual Clothes for Guys Senior Pictures

I always try to get a balance of smiling and serious expressions whenever I’m on a shoot, but it’s also completely up to your style and whatever you’re comfortable with. Plus, when you’ve got a serious face that’s as handsome and photogenic as Kaden’s, nobody’s going to complain. In fact, snapping pics of that expression is practically a requirement!

Elevated Look, Elevated Style

Kaden has a way of adding his casual, refined style to every outfit and every pose—which helped me create this fun collage that shows how just a few different expressions and tiny changes can show so many different sides of someone.

It’s always fun to add props into the mix, and Kaden looks right at home relaxing outdoors in a comfortable Adirondack chair. And while most of his expressions are pretty serious, take a look at the last one in this collage and you’ll notice the hint of a smile with dimples to go right along with it!

Kaden’s attention to detail throughout his senior session was impressive! From his trimmed and styled hair to his clean shave, neatly clipped nails, and tamed brows, he was the picture of style and confidence throughout his photo shoot.

Best Clothes for Guys Senior Pictures Hamilton High School

Kaden’s easy, casual style is actually perfect for graduation pictures. Lots of seniors show up and are really nervous about what to wear and how to style themselves—especially guys—but I’m here to tell you it really doesn’t have to be that complicated!

You want to look like yourself in your senior pictures, and that means you don’t want to suddenly and radically switch up your look. If you’re a casual tee-and-jeans kind of guy, stick with what works. You’ll still want to plan and be sure you’re pulled together, wrinkle-free, and well-groomed, but you don’t have to leave behind the looks you love!

All Dressed Up & Everywhere to Go

For a completely different look, Kaden opted to leave his casual style behind. Instead, he chose a handsomely fitted tonal blue checked suit, complete with a fitted vest, floral tie, and white button-down shirt. For outdoor shots, he had to protect his eyes from the sun, so he selected a stylish pair of sunglasses to top off his ensemble. In a casually-leaning outdoor shot, he looks cool as a cucumber—even in the Arizona desert heat!

Best Senior Picture Clothes for Guys

Select the Perfect Suit & Tie for Your Graduation Photos

You don’t have to run out and buy a brand-new wardrobe for your senior pictures. Remember, this is all about YOU and your style!

But if you’re on the hunt for a dressy look, there are a couple tips I give my clients to help them out. First of all, remember to be yourself and choose a style you love (and a style you can get some mileage out of). Hopefully you’ll be able to wear your suit for several occasions to get even more value from your purchase.

Next, consider a fitted, tailored suit. Why? A fitted suit is made specifically for you, fits perfectly, and allows for really sharp lines in your photos. You’ll look effortlessly pulled together, and you’ll be comfortable, too—because your suit will be made just for you!

So try to choose one formal outfit for your senior portrait session. Trust me, you’ll love the results and mom will be thrilled!

Senior Pictures Hamilton High School

Looking Dapper After Dark

Like many of my clients, Kaden opted for day-to-night photos—a more robust session that allows for multiple locations, outfit changes, and a longer length of time. Ultimate Portrait Sessions are one of my most popular options and allow the most flexibility for clients and their families.

As the sun lowered, Kaden opted to get back to his casual style and his comfort zone with a button down and a couple of comfortable tees, along with a pair of light blue jeans. He paired all of this with brown leather boots for a rugged metro look that earned itself a bit of an edgy feel at night.

Downtown Chandler Senior Pictures Guys Night

From casual to dressy, from fun to serious, I’m always looking for ways to add creative individuality to every client’s senior portrait collection. With his easygoing style, fun demeanor, and on-trend sense of fashion, Kaden made this easy! I had so much fun working with him and his family, and it was great to be able to offer him and his family a coordinating storyboard to match that of his brother and sister. Now, his parents can showcase THREE storyboards of grads they are super proud of—and they all coordinate. That’s the benefit of returning to the same photographer every time!

It has been such a pleasure working with Kaden, his brother and sister, and his entire family—and I’m so thrilled to be a tiny part of this latest graduation story. Congratulations, Kaden…I know you’ll do amazing things!

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Hey Seniors…

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