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Amazing Ideas for Cheer Senior Pictures | Gilbert Senior Photography

I loved seeing all the ideas for cheer senior pictures Aracely had to offer! From smiles to serious looks to a few bold and sassy expressions, she’s got it all—and she’s not afraid to share it with the camera.

A Gorgeous Combination of Edgy, Sporty & Patriotic…All in One Photo Session

Every senior year is filled with happy smiles and young faces filled with anticipation for the future, and this class of 2022 grads has been no different. In fact, it’s been so full of bright and brilliant kids that I barely know where to start!

Meet Aracely: Cheerleader, Gilbert High School Grad, ASU Student

Aracely’s senior photo session was absolutely spectacular! I had so much fun working with her and to design the perfect lineup of locations, outfits, and poses. I can’t wait to share them with all of you!

Full confession: I’ve worked with this family before, so I’ve been eagerly awaiting Aracely’s session, because I KNEW how much fun it would be. I was lucky enough to shoot her sister’s graduation photos, and I’ve been counting down for Aracely’s graduation so I could give her the same great photo shoot experience.

A Smile for Miles…Capturing the Best Candid Photos

Our session began when we had plenty of sunlight helping us out, so we headed straight for a local park to capture some closeup and candid shots. For her first outfit, Aracely chose this gorgeous spaghetti strap mini dress that’s oh-so-flattering and eye-catching. Not only does it look fantastic on her, its light color offsets her dark hair and brings attention to her sparkling smile, superb hair and stunning makeup! This location is perfect if you’d like to be near the lake too!

Senior Portraits Gilbert High School Arizona Photographer

Aracely is simply stunning, and it really shows in the closeup in this collage. Could her smile be more gorgeous? Nope, didn’t think so!

Senior Year…All Geared Up for Cheer

A graduate from Gilbert High School, Aracely spent years in high school and competitive cheer and wanted to highlight those skills and memories in her senior photos. After all, a lot of time and dedication went into perfecting her sport, and it will hold so many memories for her in the future. It only makes sense to include it as a big portion of her senior pictures.

Gilbert Senior Photography Ideas Cheer Poms Bow Graduation

We had a ton of fun combining Aracely’s school cheer uniform with the rest of her Tigers gear, her poms, and her graduation cap. It all came together in a fun and creative way to highlight all the happy moments in her life.

Flying High, Dreaming Big

With the sun and a big, blue sky behind her, Aracely pulled off a jump that will make most of our hips hurt! This beautiful girl has so much talent and enthusiasm for life that I know she’ll go far…probably before her feet even hit the ground! This action shot is an exciting way to capture all the energy and thrills that come with graduating, looking toward the future, and dreaming of the next big adventure. And will you check out those perfectly pointed toes?!

Senior Portraits Gilbert High School Cheer Ideas

Belle of the Ball, Queen for a Day

A highlight for many seniors is Homecoming, but when you’re voted Homecoming Queen, it’s a huge deal! We wanted to find a way to capture this in photos, and when we put our heads together, we came up with the perfect props, outfit, and accessories to do the job.

Senior Portraits Gilbert High School Cheer Spiritline

Wearing her Homecoming crown and sash with her cheerleading uniform, Aracely shows off a football in honor of the big game.

With Honors…Creative Cap & Gown Photos That Shine

Above all, it takes smarts to get ahead—and that’s exactly what Aracely has. In fact, when asked about her favorite classes, she said that any STEM class is better than a regular class! After graduating with honors, Aracely said she’s looking forward to going to ASU to continue her studies.

Of course, we had to get some traditional cap and gown photos, and we couldn’t forget a high-flying cap toss into the setting sun as she celebrated all her accomplishments.

Senior Portraits Gilbert High School Graduation Photos

Edgy Outdoor Photos in Arizona

We took advantage of the daytime hours, and Aracely went for a completely different look with her outfit change. In light denim with a solid black tee topped with a black leather jacket, she looks positively chic and ready to take on whatever comes her way. Take note of her use of accessories in these photos, too! She expertly uses sunglasses for flirty peeks and a floppy had for a stylish addition to her outfit. She chose the coolest kicks around, too — black Converse complete her look, giving her a savvy and cool vibe that looks effortless and edgy.

Ideas Senior Pictures Best Gilbert Senior Portraits Photography

I loved seeing all the expressions this lovely girl had to offer! From smiles to serious looks to a few bold and sassy expressions, she’s got it all—and she’s not afraid to share it with the camera.

This is one of the reasons I really like to get to know my clients ahead of time. When you feel comfortable and at ease, it’s more likely you’ll show your true personality and expressions when it’s time for me to start clicking. I want you to feel your best and most confident, and we’ll work together to make sure your session is tailored JUST FOR YOU.

Sundown Chic in Denim & Leather

As the sun began to drop, we captured some shots in front of the amazing changing colors of the sky, complete with shadowed palms in the foreground. With a gorgeous desert view as a backdrop, Aracely stands out and looks cool and stylish. (You’d hardly guess how warm it was outside because she pulls it all off looking refreshed and lovely as ever!)

Gilbert Senior Photography Girls Outfits Leather Jacket

Nighttime Looks Under the Lights

For this photo, I blurred the city lights in the background (a favorite for high school seniors) making Aracely the central focus of the image. Did you know this is actually done in camera? Professional photographers know how to do this easily…no Photoshop required!

In a fluffy, off-white jacket that evokes a cozy, warm feeling, I wanted to make sure the lights behind her matched the feeling of the moment. Pulling her jacket to her chin, Aracely’s face is highlighted in light and shadow, showing off the perfect contrast she’s created between light and dark—both between her hair and jacket, and with the artistry of her makeup application.

Best Gilbert Senior Photography

USA Proud, Cheerleader Fierce

Rocking her USA cheer uniform, Aracely stands proudly holding the United States flag, showing her patriotism as she lets her country’s flag fly behind her. What a stunning image of a girl who’s worked so hard through high school to achieve her goals and create a path toward an even bigger future!

Senior Portraits Gilbert High School USA Starz Vanity Cheer

I’ve been honored to work with Aracely and her family to deliver senior portraits that highlight years of hard work and achievements. They’ll be able to look back on these keepsakes for years to come! Can’t wait to see where the future leads, Aracely…I know it’ll be big!

If you’d like to see more of my work, you can check out hundreds of ideas for senior pictures in my portfolio. All of them are seniors just like you! Ready to create your dream senior photo session?

Find a Photographer for Senior Pictures

It’s not always an easy task! But if you’re overwhelmed and need someone to help you through the entire process, that’s where I come in. I’ll help with everything from locations & outfits to grad cards & gifts! Sound good? The first step is to grab your FREE download of the Senior Client Welcome Guide to learn more about Arizona’s best senior portrait experience! FREE download of the Senior Client Welcome Guide to learn more about Arizona’s best senior portrait experience!

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