Chandler Senior Portraits | Locations, Outfits, and Ideas for Girls

Check out the exceptional styling from this senior portrait session in Chandler, Arizona.  As we planned, Kelci and her mom decided that having her in the water would be a great addition to her portrait session. She chose a colorful bouquet, brought her dive medals, and we found the perfect desert locations for her senior portrait session.

Chandler Senior Portraits

Since the youngest of the Abernethy kids just graduated from high school, I thought I’d do a quick update on Kelci. She’s a 2015 graduate from Perry High School and in 2019 she graduated from Bryant University where she competed as part of the swim & dive team. Did I mention she received a full scholarship too? Smart, athletic, and beautiful! After living in Maine for a few years, she’s back home in Arizona…and her family is thrilled!

The Perfect Bouquet For Senior Pictures

When we plan for senior pictures, it’s important for me to get ideas that everyone will love. In this case, Mom wanted wildflowers, Kelci wanted water, so rather than choosing one or the other, we incorporated both. I knew it would be amazing!!! We headed out super early one morning, Kelci was quite the trooper. We shot for nearly 2 hours and incorporated everything from her dive medals and gear to her perfect spring outfits. She added Just a simple bouquet, but it really was a stunning, colorful addition. I encourage all my seniors to share their ideas with me and bring along any props that are important to them. I’ve seen everything from animals, favorite outfits, cars, buckets full of shoes, long boards, swords, and more! Watching these young adults really show off makes my heart smile every time!

Kelci’s styling was exceptional!  Her makeup was stunning and her beautiful blonde curls created great framing around her face. Many of my seniors ask about flowers. Well, we live in Arizona…wildflowers are hit and miss, and mostly appear in the spring. No worries though…just bring your own! I love how this colorful bouquet that just pops!

For the most part, senior galleries have very few similar images. However, I always aim to please everyone, and I shoot both expressions because often mom loves that beautiful smile and the senior will prefer the that serious model look. And that’s OK!

Desert Background for Senior Portraits

These senior portraits prove that you don’t always need a spectacular location.  This here?  This is a ditch off the side of the road that happened to have some color.  Of course, it takes the right lens and proper styling to really make it work.  This hat and scarf from my Exclusive Style Closet worked perfectly with Kelci’s spring dress. If you need help with choosing outfits for senior pictures, it’s a great place to start!

Include Your Favorite Sport

Being a diver, of course Kelci wanted to incorporate water into her senior portrait session.  Well, this waterfall was exactly what she was looking for!  She had no problems standing knee deep in the water and splashing either!  While I love the gorgeous smiles, I also love having my seniors be in a relaxed environment.  One way I keep my seniors from getting too nervous in front of the camera is to avoid crowds…that’s why sessions are all scheduled Monday-Thursday.

Kelci and her mom were so much fun and willing do do anything!  No wonder I love my seniors! This image was just a test shot.  I was setting up for the glitter shot and Kelci was carefully picking through the glitter in her hands. But we all fell in love with the simplicity.

Products to Show Off Your Senior Portraits

And to top it all off, the products Kelci chose were amazing!!! Mom got a beautiful heirloom quality 20×20 storyboard showcasing her favorite images. Then we designed beautiful custom graduation announcements for her open house. I love that I’m able to design and order custom grad cards and announcements, all depending on your needs. It makes the entire senior portrait experience special for each family.

Custom Storyboard Collage

One big concern for parents is the ability to get similar artwork for each of their graduating seniors. When you hire a professional photographer that has been around for over 13 years, this isn’t an issue. Over the years I’ve had many parents tell me that the photographer they used a few years ago is no longer in business, but I have zero plans of giving up my dream job any time soon!

When Amy chose this beautiful 20×20 storyboard for Kelci, I knew she was going to want the same products for Connor and Kaden. It’s a classic piece of artwork and showcases her favorite images from Kelci’s senior session.

As the years passed, Amy hired me for both of her boys too. Connor graduated in 2019 and Kaden graduated in 2022. I can’t tell you how fun it is to watch these kids go from tweens to grads to adults. So proud of all of them! Don’t miss out…check out their sessions too!

Connor’s Baseball Photo Shoot
Connor’s High School Senior Pictures
Connor & Kaden: Photo Shoot for Brothers
Kaden’s Senior Portrait Session

  • It’s so fun that you give updates on your seniors. I love that. Showing how to incorporate different locations and interests into Senior photo sessions is a really fun way to make each session completely unique.

    • Hi Candace! I love that each session is so different. It’s great for my seniors but it keeps me from getting bored too! LOL!

  • Beautiful Chandler Senior Portraits. Kelci is stunning and so many beautiful pictures to choose from for her senior products.

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