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Campo Verde High School Senior Pictures Arizona

Natural Senior Pictures for Campo Verde High School | Chandler Senior Portrait Photographer

By: Michelle
August 19, 2021

Quick-Take Graduation Photos: All the Fun in a Fraction of the Time

Senior year is a busy time—for students and parents! It’s easy to lose track of everything that needs to get done, and all too often time gets away from us. We’ve all experienced those “Yikes!” moments when we’re triple-booked and can’t seem to get through our to-do lists, and that’s one of the reasons I created these Quick Take sessions.

Sometimes, a 4-hour photo shoot isn’t exactly what a client is looking for, and that’s where a flexible session menu comes in really handy! While many grads love spending hours glamming it up at a variety of locations, there are times when a quicker, single-location shoot is in order. Why? Maybe there are time constraints, or it could be simply that the client has a very specific look and style in mind which can be captured without a lot of wardrobe changes and moving around.

Whatever the reason, Quick Take sessions are just as fun and enjoyable as full-length sessions, and you’ll get all the bells and whistles, like Style Guides and access to the Style Closet. They simply take less time.

Abby’s Quick Take Session

Abby’s session is the perfect example of how we were able to put together the perfect senior picture portrait package for her and her family—in a fraction of the time that’s usually spent on a shoot. Here’s what we did:

  • The client meeting. Just like with every client, I met ahead of time with Abby and her family so I’d know exactly what they were looking for in a photo package. This part is especially important if you know your clients want to shoot at a single location. If you’re not moving around town to multiple locations, it’s crucial to make sure your client loves the vibe of the venue that’s selected.
  • Wardrobe chat. Just like deciding on the venue, Abby needed to narrow down her outfit choices. Since Quick Take sessions are more limited on time, usually one or two outfit changes are ideal. Luckily, Abby’s sense of fashion and casual style lent themselves perfectly to a shorter photo shoot.
  • Hair and makeup rundown. No matter how long or short your photo shoot is, hair and makeup are essential to pulling off amazing senior pictures! With an entire “look” already in her mind’s eye, Abby was able to convey her waterside chic ideas to me, and I knew she’d show up with a pulled-together look that would shine in every photograph.

This girl knew exactly what she was looking for! With natural senior photos on her mind, the perfect venue popped into my head, and we didn’t have far to go. It was practically in our own backyards, and she already had a lovely dress and natural-style romper that fit into the scenery almost magically.

Campo Verde High School Senior Pictures Arizona

Beauty & Variety at Eastmark

Eastmark, right here in Mesa, is a large community area that’s bursting at the seams with gorgeous park areas, winding scenic paths, and plenty of water settings. It’s perfect for all those reasons, and, because it’s so large and diverse, none of the photos I take there ever look the same!

Outfit Styling to Match the Scene

Abby styled her hair in long, loose waves and kept her makeup light and natural for a look that complemented the location and her overall look. She showed up for her shoot with her nails freshly done and just enough accessories to pop, but not take any of the attention off her gorgeous face. Talk about pulling it all together like a pro!

Campo Verde High School Senior Photos Chandler Arizona

Casual sandals completed the look, but of course, we had to grab a couple of pics with bare feet, too.

Of course we had to get some cap and gown photos to commemorate Abby’s major achievement. A graduate from Campo Verde high school in Gilbert, Arizona, Abby is just getting started on carving our her future, and her excitement showed as she proudly displayed her grad tassel along with a winning smile of accomplishment.

Campo Verde High School Graduation Photos

True to the Quick Take session format, we were finished with her shoot in about half an hour, and Abby ended up with gorgeous senior photos to show off and share with friends and family. It was the portrait package she’d planned with the look she was going for, and it barely crunched their schedule!

Do you have big ideas for your senior pictures? Is your schedule already jam-packed with senior year activities and antics? Feel like there’s NO WAY to cram one more thing into your busy schedule? Understandable! After having two of my own kiddos graduate from high school, I get it.

If you’re busy or if you simply just know what you want, a Quick Take photo shoot may be the right thing for you! Be sure to reach out for more information to get on the schedule.

Senior Photos Michelle Robetson

Hey 2022 Grads, it’s time to start thinking about YOUR senior pictures!
Freshman, sophomores, and juniors can sign up so you won’t miss out!
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Senior Photos Michelle Robetson

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  1. I love these natural senior photos and the fact you were able to get so many gorgeous images in 30 minutes is amazing! I’m sure your time crunched clients will really appreciate this option!

    • Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Brandi! Seniors can have very busy schedules, so this is a very popular option for senior pictures now!

  2. Love your Natural Senior Pictures for Campo Verde High School Seniors! These Quick Take Sessions are a great idea and I can see you still fully meet your clients needs and wants. Abby looks fabulous! Love your Chandler senior portraits!

    • Hi Jeanine, I really appreciate you taking a moment to comment on these shorter senior portrait sessions. Most people want all the bells and whistles, but these Quick Takes are very popular as graduation gets closer!

  3. You outlined this as such a perfect example of getting a quick easy and great senior session done in such a great time frame. I am loving her in that brown dress for her first part of the shoot! She looks great in all her outfits. With such busy schedules this is a great way to go if needed.

    • I love these shorter sessions…it means I get to serve more families and meet more seniors! Thanks so much for commenting Shunta!


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