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Night Time Senior Pictures in Downtown Chandler

Senior Pictures at Night | Downtown Chandler Senior Pictures

February 18, 2019

Senior Pictures at Night

You have many choices for your senior pictures, so Magical Memories by Michelle offers something that not many other photographers do, and that is having your senior portraits taken at night! We start about an hour or so before sunset and once the sun goes down we keep shooting in the city lights!

Downtown Chandler

One of my favorite locations for senior photo shoots after dark is Downtown Chandler. By shooting during the week we avoid the crowds and parking, and you get something fabulous added to your gallery of senior pictures! These beautiful images of Briana were taken near the parking lot of the Chandler Public Library. I love the way the city lights glow in the background!


Chandler Senior Pictures at Night

We moved just across the street to get some more images with that beautiful nighttime bokeh, which is a photography term for the blurry, out of focus backgrounds we all love! Briana’s boyfriend joined us for these last few images and his jokes and comments brought out some fun expressions from Briana.

Downtown Chandler Senior Pictures at Night

Of course the color images are always fabulous, but all of our sessions include some black and white portraits as well. This is one of my favorite black & white images of Briana!

Chandler Senior Pictures Black & White

As I mentioned earlier, this was only part of Briana’s photo shoot! Be sure to check out more of her senior pictures where we incorporated her Jeep and took some beautiful gymnastics pictures! If you’re looking for something to make your senior pictures a little different, give us a call so we can start planning with you!


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Senior Photos Michelle Robetson


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. These are beautiful. Love the large light orbs in the background and she’s a gorgeous girl!

  3. How beautiful she is! I would love to see more pictures)

    • Thanks Victoria!

  4. I love these, they are gorgeous!

  5. These are very pretty senior photos. I love the close ups. They are truly glamor shots for this lucky senior!

  6. Great images of a lovely girl.

  7. I love that you offer something different for your seniors! These are so beautifully done!

  8. Oh my word — beautifully done night photos! That is such a challenge. And what a gorgeous model. Inspiring!

    • Thanks Kristin!

  9. Beautiful senior portraits. her personality shows through the images you captured.


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