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Unique Senior Pictures at Night | Downtown Chandler Senior Pictures

You have many choices for your senior portraits, so Magical Memories by Michelle offers something that not many other photographers do, and that is having your senior portraits taken at night. We start about 1-1.5 hours before sunset, then once the sun goes down we get to create cool senior pictures with city lights in the background!

Senior Pictures at Night

You have many choices for your senior pictures, so Magical Memories by Michelle offers something different, and that is having your senior portraits taken at night!

I’ll start by answering one of the most common questions about nighttime senior portraits. Is the entire session at night? No, you’ll have a mix of both daytime and nighttime images. We’ll get started about 1-1.5 hours before sunset, as usual. Once the sun goes down, we keep shooting so we can capture the glorious city lights!

Downtown Chandler

One of my favorite locations for senior photo shoots after dark is Downtown Chandler. By shooting during the week we avoid the large crowds and parking problems, plus I know all the great spots to get city lights in the background! These beautiful images of Briana were taken near the parking lot of the Chandler Public Library. I know it might sound like an odd location for senior pictures, but hey, just look at the results! I love the way the city lights glow in the background!

Chandler Senior Pictures Night

Hey look, there’s the black floppy sun hat again! It’s from my Style Closet, available exclusively for my clients. As you can see, it looks just as amazing at night!

Downtown Chandler Senior Pictures Night

We moved just across the street to get some more images with that beautiful nighttime bokeh, which is a photography term for the blurry, out-of-focus backgrounds we all love! Briana’s boyfriend joined us for these last few images and his jokes and comments brought out some fun expressions from Briana.

Chandler Senior Pictures Nighttime

Of course the color images are always fabulous, but most sessions do include some black and white portraits as well. This is one of my favorite black & white images of Briana, with the color version for comparison.

As I mentioned earlier, this was only part of Briana’s photo shoot. Be sure to check out more of her senior pictures where we incorporated her Jeep and took some beautiful gymnastics pictures!

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