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Ideas For Senior Pictures

Chandler Senior Photos | Guys, Football, & Cars…What’s Not to Love?

By: Michelle
June 25, 2018

Choosing a Location for Senior Pictures

Right from the beginning, Jalen and his parents had some great ideas for senior pictures. We had discussed several downtown locations as well as the possibility to using the field at Basha High School to include some football pictures. So the first question you need to ask yourself is “which pictures and locations are most important?” Some locations, such as the football field, are best when they’re at your school, therefore choosing other locations in the area is usually the best idea.

They had also discussed the possibility of using a Lamborghini for Jalen’s senior pictures, which of course I thought was a spectacular idea! Guys & cars, it’s a great fit for senior pictures and of course the guys (and dads!) love them!

Day One: Disaster Strikes

We’d had everything planned for a few weeks, Jalen had his outfits, the Lamborghini was available, and so we decided to start at Basha High School and get some football pictures. I met Cathy and Jalen at Basha high school, then planned to have Warren join us with the Lamborghini. That’s when it started to fall apart. Literally within 10 minutes we found out the Lamborghini in fact, was not available that day. Strike 1. I could see the disappointment in their faces, not to mention mine! But we decided to continue and possibly get the Lamborghini another day. We headed the office at Basha High School to ask permission to use the track. Professional photographers always ask permission when shooting on any property! Well, it turns out the track had been redone and was off limits for at least another week. Are you kidding me? 20 minutes in and our plans had completely unraveled!

My suggestion was to continue on to some other locations and let’s get started anyway. Then if necessary, we can always come back to for football pictures and hopefully the car would be available too.

Senior Pictures at the Lake: Chandler, AZ

Jalen started out in one of his favorite t-shirts and jeans. You need to be comfortable and look like you for your senior pictures! Love it when guys add sunglasses to their look!

Chandler Senior Photos of Guys by the Lake

If you’ve ever been out shooting with me you know that “just one more shot” or “ok, I’m done” is something I say often but never mean. And here’s the perfect example why sometimes you really just do need one more shot! We were leaving the park and this normally average desert spot just looked perfect. I wasn’t sure why until I we tried a few poses. Then it was obvious! Simple shirt and jeans, sunglasses, and a bench…it’s definitely a favorite!

Chandler Senior Photos Desert

Tumbleweed Park in Chandler, AZ

The old truck is always a favorite for guys’ senior pictures. It can bring an urban, rustic, or country vibe depending on what outfit you choose.

Chandler Senior Photos Old Truck

Chandler Senior Photos Old Truck

Moms Dream of Getting Senior Pictures of Their Sons

Don’t deny it, every mom loves those happy smiling pictures! But when you have boys, sometimes it is a little more difficult. It’s my job to get teens to loosen up and giggle a little, and a fake laugh goes a long way! And because it is just so goofy, they end up with a genuine laugh! Makes the perfect senior picture, doesn’t it?

Chandler Senior Photos Guys Smile

Senior Pictures for Football Players

Since we really didn’t know what the future would hold, and Jalen had all of his football gear, I decided to get some pictures in his jersey. This is one of my favorite locations to get gorgeous sun flare! If you like this look and the sun cooperates (which in Arizona, it often does), then it’s definitely something we can talk about for your senior pictures too!

Chandler Senior Photos Football Sun Flare

When the lighting wasn’t exactly what I wanted, I decided to go with a more artistic look. This image was actually taken in a gorgeous green, sunny are at Tumbleweed park, only a few feet from the previous image. But I wanted something more intense for this shot.

Artistic shot of

Senior Guys: What to Wear for Senior Photos

If you’re having trouble deciding what to wear for senior pictures, definitely bring a variety of outfits! Don’t be afraid to dress it up a little and get this awesome look! Jalen just looks so sharp in this button down shirt, but then paired with simple jeans, it fits perfect in an urban area of Downtown Chandler.

Senior Pictures What to Wear for Guys

Downtown Chandler After Dark

When I saw Jalen’s tie and suspenders, I was in heaven and knew exactly the look I wanted! When the sun went down, we pulled out the lights and just kept shooting! The results? Well, you can decided but I think they’re awesome!

Downtown Chandler Senior Photos Night

Chandler Senior Photos Art Black & White

Chandler Senior Photos Night Guys

Ideas for your senior pictures:

  • Bring your car or rent a fun sports car
  • Bring your jersey and sports gear
  • Don’t be afraid to dress up a little

Want to see more Day 2 with Jalen?

Of course you do! Yes, we did go out for a 2nd day once the track was done and the Lamborghini was available. Go check them out!

Senior Photos Michelle Robetson

Hey 2022 Grads, it’s time to start thinking about YOUR senior pictures!
Freshman, sophomores, and juniors can sign up so you won’t miss out!
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  1. Great blog! Love all of Jalen’s pics, but definitely love the night shots, those are awesome!

    • Thanks Angie! I’m totally loving the night shots lately!

  2. Handsome young man. Great Photographs and good story. Love the photographs with the truck.

  3. Love all of these! Can’t wait to see the others!

  4. Great photos! I’m sure mom is thrilled with these. I’m looking forward to the lambo photos!

  5. Super great pictures! Love the lighting in so many of these! Nicely done.

    • Thank you Julie! The lighting was so much fun, let me do something a little different, shooting at night for senior pictures!


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