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Ideas for Outdoor Senior Portraits by the Water | Chandler Professional Photographer for Casteel High School

After meeting Bryn, I’m convinced there’s literally nothing this girl can’t do—and nothing she won’t accomplish! She’s got huge plans, and she’s headed for the future with a bright smile and a super-smart outlook on life. I was even more excited for her photo shoot after talking to her and hearing what she loves, what she’s got her sights set on, and what energizes her!

Smiles for Miles: Unique Photo Ideas for Outgoing Clients

A graduate from Casteel High School in Queen Creek, Arizona, Bryn has plenty of memories to keepsake—all while she’s making exciting plans for what’s right around the corner. She’s a swimmer, so right off the bat, she was excited about getting some great shots in her team suit. With the lovely waves in her long hair, I just had to add some waves of my own to the pic to complement her entire look. You’ll notice this theme throughout her shoot, however: Nothing can beat her thousand-watt smile!

Casteel Swim Team Senior Pictures

A Gazillion Looks, One Amazing Personality

When I tell clients to bring several changes of clothes and outfit options to their photo shoots, I’m serious. Lots of times, they don’t know exactly what will photograph well or look good on them for pictures, so I’m always there to help out. But let me tell you, Bryn knew exactly what worked for her—and she had a wide range of styles to prove it!

From athletic swimmer to feminine and relaxed by the waterside, Bryn pulled off every single look she went for! These photos of her by the water’s edge capture her carefree and laid-back personality, adding a softer tone to her portrait collection.

Chandler Professional Senior Photographer Girls Lake

Notice her selective choice in accessories. She’s barefoot and chose a single necklace and dangly earrings to offset the flowy white dress. This effectively made her the star of the show—exactly as it should be!

Chandler Senior Pictures Casteel High School

Edgy Style & Cozy Comfort

Did I tell you this girl can pull of any look?! This girl can pull off ANY look! I was holding my breath to see what she’d pull out of her fashion collection next.

She looked cozy-comfy in a fluffy pink pullover (courtesy of the Style Closet) , and then she turned on a dime and rocked an edgy nighttime-under-the-lights look in dark denim paired with a leather jacket. Notice she’s still all smiles, even during the slightly-sassy over-the-shoulder jacket toss?

I try to mix up clients’ serious faces with their smiling faces, but with Bryn, it was natural for her to smile in all of her shots. Serious just didn’t look right on her, so we decided together to go with what suited her personality and style. And this beautiful girl ended up with an entire collection of photos that simply look like “her.” That makes my professional photographer heart happy.

Chandler Senior Photos Casteel High School
Casteel High School Senior Pictures

Prom Night Memories

During one of her outfit changes, this lovely girl pulled out one of the most gorgeous prom dresses I’ve ever seen. Its striking navy blue color was accentuated by layers of ruffles and an embellished bodice—all of which brought attention to her glowing face and hair. Of course, a bokeh-style photo sequence was in order, and I allowed the twinkling nighttime lights to gently fade into the background, ensuring the focus was on Bryn.

Prom is one of the most impactful high school memories for many grads, and even though Covid may have taken its toll on many over the past couple of years, creative clients and photographers have found fun ways to work together to ensure this special moment still gets captured as a memory. And once again…parking lot for the win! I bet you wouldn’t have guessed that!

Casteel High School Prom Senior Pictures

Into the Sunset

A toss of the graduation cap is a must for most grads, and for positive, future-focused Bryn we made this moment happen—along with some photos to make sure the memory lasts forever. She walked right into a gorgeous sunset as she tossed her cap high to celebrate her accomplishment.

Chandler Professional Senior Pictures Casteel

Described as bubbly and friendly by those who know her best, Bryn says that in her free time, she usually chooses to read a good book, watch movies, or hang out with friends. She loves to go on walks, and she plays the piano. A lover of rom com and Marvel, you might also find her cozying up in front of the TV with a chocolatey snack and her favorite movie.

College on the Horizon

Bryn is planning to head to college at BYU-Hawaii (WHAT?! Can we all visit and get surfing lessons?). She’s also excited for her upcoming mission! She’s not sure which will come first, but she’s on her way to big and exciting things, and I’m sure this smart and vivacious girl will carve a path that’s all her own.

Chandler Senior Pictures Casteel Graduation

It’s been so much fun to work with you. Can’t wait to hear where your path takes you, Bryn!

  • I love that she chose to go barefoot in some of her senior photos! And her prom dress, wow!!! I always encourage my seniors to bring along their prom dress as well! It just adds some great variety to their final gallery.

    • You know, sometimes I LOVE shoes, and sometimes no shoes just works better! Especially around water! Her prom dress is one of my all-time favorites. It’s very similar to Helen’s dress from Class of 2020.

  • What a FUN session for Bryn! I love the variety: the nature, the athletic nod, the ambient light, the cap and gown! A great senior collection!

    • Thanks so much Deborah! I agree, loved that she brought so many different outfits and ideas for her senior portrait session!

  • Love that you encourage them to bring multiple outfits to capture their unique personality. The sports, glam, casual and everything in between. Gorgeous senior photos.

    • Thanks Jody! I definitely prefer multiple outfits so that my seniors have a variety of looks for their senior pictures.

  • I love all the different looks this Senior girl captured with different outfits!