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Did You Know? Teen Photo Sessions Build Confidence! | Milestone Memories

From birthdays to graduation, life is full of moments you want to remember forever. Capture all the 'bests' with a professional photo session that's planned just for you!

Don’t Wait to Celebrate…Create Milestone Memories You’ll Cherish

Every family looks forward to high school graduation and all the fun that comes with senior year. But you don’t have to wait until then to have a fabulous photo shoot celebrating other milestones too. Kids change and grow soooooo much…physically, mentally, and emotionally from ages 10-18. And self esteem is a BIG part of encouraging all this growth!

As a tween or young teen, you might see your child being shy or acting unsure of themselves. This is because they are still finding themselves—and learning about all their amazing talents as they grow. A professional photo shoot gives all of us the opportunity to show them what we already see…that they are smart, beautiful, talented, amazing human beings!

Am I the Photographer for You?

As most families do, Kate’s mom Tara did her research and looked around for the perfect photographer for them. I’ll be the first one to tell you it’s important to check everything out and see what options are out there. You want a photographer who is willing to go the extra mile to capture your unique personality, so it only makes sense to look around. When we first met at her initial consultation, Kate was turning 13. Tara wanted a fun session to give Kate a special portrait session celebrating this age, but as we all know, sometimes it just isn’t in the budget. Tara was honest with me, which I appreciated! I’m transparent about pricing, because my clients get a complete photo session experience along with gorgeous heirloom photos that will last a lifetime.

Fast forward about 10 months, when I heard back from Tara for a second time. She told me she’d looked around and just couldn’t find another photographer who offered the creativity, flexibility, and options that I do at Magical Memories by Michelle. But now Kate was almost 14. I mentioned that I’m happy to offer payment plans for my clients so I can make the professional photography experience affordable for as many people as possible. And that’s exactly what she chose to do!

I pride myself on going above and beyond for my clients, so I was thrilled to start working with Kate and her mom to plan the perfect teen photo session to celebrate her teenage daughter.

All Smiles for Natural Outdoor Photos

This photo collage shows off the beauty of nature and captures Kate as she relaxes into her session and shares some grins. Believe it or not, finding great locations for your pictures isn’t that hard here in the East Valley. In fact, most locations we select are practically right in our own backyards! Of course, I’ve been known to drive all around town for my clients, but if what you’re looking for is just a hop, skip, and a jump away, why go further?

Make a Statement in Your Photo Session

No one will ever accuse Kate of being too shy to stand up for what she believes in! I love the casual t-shirt she chose for one of the photos below. The “Young & Powerful” message goes along perfectly with her personality. An activist and full of great ideas for the future, Kate is really going places…and making the world better along the way.

Making Waves…A Strong & Confident Athlete

A member of her school’s swim team, Kate loves the water, and it was important to get some shots of her practicing her sport. This time around, however, it was pretty chilly outside, so I put on my creative thinking cap! After getting some great images of her out of the pool, I went into post-production with some ideas about how to add water into her shots—and when it was all said and done, this photo ended up being a top fave for Kate and her family.

Showing off hard-earned muscles and an award-winning smile, Kate stands in the midst of a water splash that looks absolutely stunning against the black background! To make this image absolutely perfect, she even asked me to add her favorite Bible verse to this gorgeous wall portrait.

Kate contributes way more than just her skills in the pool. She is proud of her Native American heritage and proudly shows her support for MMIW (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women) awareness. Members of the Muskogee Creek Indians of Oklahoma, she and her family are voices for justice and awareness for MMIW. In fact, during her last photo session, Kate paid tribute to her heritage by incorporating an artistic visual representation of the plight of Native American women in this country. You can see it here.

Style Closet Rock Star

Kate took advantage of the Style Closet, which is kept full of on-trend clothes and accessories for just about every shape, style, and size. It’s been specially curated for Magical Memories by Michelle clients, so everyone gets to borrow the pieces they love to help them complete their photo session wardrobe.

Kate is gorgeous in this navy blue striped romper—a favorite from the Style Closet, which is filled with outfits for your photo shoot. Not only does it fit her long, lean shape to a T, but it shows off her strong arms and shoulders. The tie waist adds the perfect amount of definition to this outfit, and Kate smartly paired it with a stylish chunky bracelet and sling-back heels for a perfectly pretty look.

It’s always so much fun to work with Kate and help her and her family add keepsake photos to their growing collection. Years from now, they’ll be able to look back on Kate’s transformation from little girl to teenager and reminisce about all their happy moments together. And yes, Kate was first on my list of 2023 grads, so we’ve already started that celebration too!

If you’re a 2023 (or 2024!) grad, it’s time to grab your slot on the calendar so we can work together to create the perfect photo session for you. Contact me to learn more and to get started with your professional photo session—and read more of the blog to get great ideas for poses, locations, and outfits. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to see the latest and greatest client sessions. There’s a story behind every creative photo…now let’s share yours!

  • I love that you were able to accommodate a client that really wanted to work with you! It will be so fun to see the difference in her teen photos and her senior photos!

    • It’s been amazing to watch her grow and become more confident!! Her senior photos have been a blast! We’ve gone out twice and will be finishing up this week. Can’t wait to share them!!

  • These pictures are a wonderful way to celebrate your teen. I love the swim picture with the water splash! What a wonderful memory for her and her family.

  • Teens have it so crazy, and giving them beautiful photos, that encourage them and celebrate their individuality is the perfect way to honor them in this stressful time. These are the perfect representation of amazing teen photos! Love it!

  • It’s amazing to have teen photos that are of the same professional caliber as senior photos. Making good photos is an investment that makes a true statement of value. Quality photos matter. I love how creative and flexible you are with your clients, to help them get the most out of their sessions, Michelle.

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