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Casual, No-Pressure Senior Pictures for Guys (Who Aren’t Into Having Their Photos Taken)

Senior pictures are a BIG DEAL...even if you're not a fan of having your picture taken. Why? Your loved ones will love getting a memento to remind them of your major accomplishment!

Natural, True-to-You Portraits in Arizona’s East Valley

Imagine if you will, a senior guy who isn’t thrilled about an entire photo session that puts him in the spotlight. (I know, that could be any one of HUNDREDS of guys, right?) While many senior girls have been prepping for this moment and posing for photos their entire lives, many guys are a little more standoffish about the entire process. And that’s ok!

I run into a lot of clients who are hesitant at first, but before we even get started, the first thing I do is get to know you and your personality—including the kinds of photos you want to include in your senior portrait session. We’ll talk about your likes, dislikes, hobbies, and activities to determine what best suits your own personal style.

My goal is to deliver a stunning senior portrait package that represents you and all the things you love as a graduating high school senior.

Andrew is graduate from Desert Ridge High School, and his mom was super excited to get professional photos taken of the son she’s so very proud of. We worked together to come up with some great ideas that would both thrill mom and keep Andrew comfortable throughout his session.

To keep things low-key, we kicked off our session in a local park. The sun was shining, and we kept accessories and poses to a minimum. I was determined to make sure this young man loved his entire session—and loved the photos we took! Andrew looks every bit the successful graduate in this casual seated pose. A cane chair was the perfect prop for this natural backdrop, and as he sits backward with his arms resting on the chairback, Andrew gives off a seriously chill vibe. His button-down shirt with rolled sleeves is perfect for this low-key, tranquil setting.

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Reflections Beside the Water

With a fishing pole in hand and sitting in the shade, Andrew casts into a tranquil lake as he sits under a shade tree. (Yes, we have those in the Arizona desert!) This photo is so much fun, because it shows Andrew relaxing and doing something he loves—and because of the beautiful landscape and scenery all around us. I love the way the light plays on the water and shows off all the beautiful reflections of the surrounding trees! It truly is a picture of serenity and stillness as Andrew soaks up the day. In a casual ball cap and long-sleeved tee with light blue jeans, he is the picture of calm and focus as he gazes out over the water. This photo is so amazing it was even published by Senior Year Magazine!!

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Relaxing Senior Photo Sessions for Guys in Mesa, AZ

I work with graduating seniors and teens all the time, and one of the things I love the most is being able to create a custom photo session that matches their personalities and reflects on all they’ve accomplished throughout their school years. Some clients come to me and are excited about scheduling a senior session that lasts for hours and includes multiple outfit changes. And others aren’t always excited in the beginning, but they have their pictures taken for mom, grandma, friends, and extended family.

Andrew started off in this last category. Let’s be honest; a lot of guys have their photos taken for mom’s sake! But by the end of his shoot, he was smiling with excitement because all the poses, backgrounds, and ideas were completely in line with the things he loves to do! I want all my clients to be comfortable throughout their shoot. That’s why we talk ahead of time to make sure your photo session is exactly the way you want it to be!

Leaning on a railing that overlooks a serene, rockscaped portion of the lake, Andrew contemplates his success, his graduation, and the huge future that’s in front of him. His red tee adds a pop of color and blends perfectly with his style.

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EVIT Grad with a Bright Future Ahead

In high school, Andrew attended the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) to study automotive services, so it was fitting that his car be part of his senior pictures! A hands-on student, Andrew is well on his way to a promising career in the automotive industry. In his red and black EVIT uniform shirt, he shows off his skills working under the hood and leans against his car with the hood propped open.

This is the perfect time to mention his on-point mustache game and long, flowing hair! For your senior pictures, it’s important to show off your very own personal style, and Andrew looks dapper and put-together with his well-groomed facial hair and long locks. He looks every bit the part of the accomplished young grad in these photos that include a hint to his future career in the background.

Mesa Senior Photography EVIT

Mortarboard, Graduation Gown & Tassel

In his graduation cap and gown with his 2022 tassel in view, it’s easy to see why Andrew is smiling! After all the hard work and hands-on training in high school for his career, Andrew flashes an award-winning smile of accomplishment.

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Dressy Senior Pictures for Guys

Most seniors—girls AND guys—want to have at least a couple photos taken in dressy clothes. (Moms and grandmas love pictures of their kids in their dressy clothes!) With a nod to his own personal style, Andrew dons aviator sunglasses and casually props an elbow on the metal railing behind him. He even rolled his shirt cuffs for a more casual-dressy look that perfectly complements his laid-back demeanor.

It was such an honor to work with Andrew to deliver senior photos he can love and be proud of sharing with his friends and family. By the end of the session, he was a natural as he made eye contact with the camera and flashed several handsome smiles.

His mom even told me afterward how much she loves his photos and is so happy I was able to help him feel comfortable and confident throughout our session:

“Worth every penny!! My son hates having his picture taken; he absolutely did not want a photo session. Michelle did the most amazing job. She made him feel comfortable & got THE BEST photos of my son. I will cherish these for the rest of my life. She made it so easy & comfortable for him I can’t thank her enough. I LOVE how they turned out! Thank you!”

If you’re a 2023 grad—or even if you graduate in a year or two—it’s important to research your senior portrait photographer and get on their schedule as soon as possible. Spots fill up quickly! Plus, the sooner you sign up, the sooner you get to choose the perfect day for your personalized photo session!

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