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8 No-Nonsense Reasons to Book Your Senior Pictures Now | Class of 2025, It’s Time!

Want amazing senior pictures that show the very BEST of you? Be sure to book early to get the best time slots AND have plenty of time to plan!

It’s Never Too Early to Book Your Photo Session

When is your graduation date? 2025? 2026 or later? It may seem like you have ALL the TIME in the world, but let me tell you, is gonna fly!

Not only are you going to be having fun—the time of your life, actually—as you get close to graduation, you’ll have a seemingly endless to-do list too. To make sure you get the ultimate senior picture experience, it’s important to start thinking early about how you want that to look.

When to Book Senior Portraits

8 Reasons to Get Your Senior Photo Session Booked Early

Get your head in the game early and book senior pictures as soon as you can. You can probably think of a few reasons of your own, but here’s my list!

  1. You get a better choice of dates. The earlier you book, the more wide-open your photographer’s calendar will be. It’s crazy to think about it, but my clients often book 3-4 years in advance! Especially if an older sibling or friend has had a great experience with Magical Memories by Michelle, they’re eager to snag their spot because they know calendar fills up quickly!
  2. You gain prepping & planning time. Once you’ve locked in a date, you know exactly what timeline you’re working with—and the sooner you book, the more time you’ll have to get creative, look around at cool ideas others have had, and come up with unique ideas of your own.
  3. You get to start planning your outfits early. If you’ve ever tried to pick 4 or 5 perfect outfits from your closet…you know, the ones that make you look your absolute BEST…then you know how challenging it can be to narrow things down! When you schedule your senior pictures early, you’ll have more time to put together outfits, find the perfect accessories, and add those few extra pieces you may be looking for.
  4. You get your hair & nail appointments scheduled. Many of you have your favorite hair and nail professionals, and you know how tough it can be to get in to see them, especially if it’s a busy time of year. As soon as you know the date of your senior photo session, you can go ahead and book any services you know you’ll want. That way, you know you’ll look your very best for your graduation portraits!
  5. You’ll have more time to discover creative pose ideas. I make sure all my clients get unique, one-of-a-kind portraits, but a little inspiration never hurt! Once you have your senior portrait session booked, jump onto Pinterest and other social platforms to get ideas that will spark your creative side. It also helps me when you can point out the things you love in other sessions. That way, I know the style and mood to aim for in your session!
  6. You’ll have plenty of time to practice hair & makeup looks. Perfect hair and makeup don’t just happen magically, but you already know that! We’ve all seen amazing, stunning looks that we’ve wanted to replicate, but without a little practice, the results can be less than ideal. When you book your session early, you’ll have oodles of time to experiment with styles and practice different techniques so you’re sure to nail the perfect look on your big day!
  7. You’ll be totally prepared for your fashion consult. A few weeks before your senior photo session, we’ll get together for a fashion consultation. This will help us get organized and on the same page for the day of the shoot. I’ll ask you to share the outfits you love with me, and we’ll talk accessories, shoes, jackets—and we’ll work together to mix & match the perfect looks. By the end of the consultation, you’ll know exactly what you’ll be wearing for each location we’ll be shooting at. Talk about keeping everything streamlined and stress-free! And bonus…the sooner you do this, the less stressed you’ll be!
  8. Reschedules aren’t disastrous. Nobody wants—or looks forward to—rescheduling a photo shoot, but if unexpected events like horrible weather, illness, or a family emergency throw themselves in our path, we can handle it. When you book early, there’s still plenty of flexibility on the calendar to reschedule and get your session completed at the perfect time and in the perfect location. Booking early ensures the most flexibility for you and me.

No Stress, Just Smiles

I purposely choose to keep my client bookings at a low volume, and that’s because I want every senior to feel special and get my undivided attention. This is YOUR big day, and my goal is to make sure you never feel rushed, uncomfortable, or unsure of the process. Above all, I want you to have FUN and end up with phenomenal senior photos you’re PROUD to show off and share with your friends and family!

When you book early, you can start to prepare early—and we can start working together to make sure you get a photo session you’ll love! Don’t miss out on this special offer for Class of 2025!

Are You Ready For Senior Pictures?

If you’re a 2025 grad, it is time to start thinking about YOUR senior pictures!!! It’s important to research your senior portrait photographer be 100% sure you find a style you love! If you’re interested in learning more about Magical Memories senior portrait experience, I’d love to share my Senior Client Welcome Guide with you! Just click below to sign up and the guide will be delivered to your email!

Don’t forget to keep following the Magical Memories by Michelle blog for more exciting updates about past sessions. Start collecting ideas now so you’ll be ready for a fab session later. You’ll find great ideas on my Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook pages and be sure to explore my website to learn more Arizona’s top senior portrait sessions.

  • How is it time to book your senior pictures? I feel like 2022 is flying by. Congratulations Class of 2022 and 2023 kiddos, get those senior sessions booked!

    • I know, it all happens sooooo fast! And then in the spring I have dozens of moms and seniors panicking because all the good photographers are booked!

  • I couldn’t agree more! It is never too early to book your senior portrait session. The earlier you schedule, the less stressful the whole experience will be!

  • Totally agree–you need to schedule early so you get the best images for your senior portraits possible.

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