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The Best Way to Boost Your Teenager’s Confidence

Part of being a professional photographer is providing amazing images to my clients, but even more important is the confidence boost I want every single one of my teenagers to carry with them throughout high school. You don't have to wait for senior year to celebrate your teen!

Goal: Always Building Confidence For Teens

Part of being a professional photographer is providing amazing images to my clients, but even more important is the confidence boost I want every single one of my teenagers to carry with them throughout high school. Teen Years Magazine, the sister magazine to Senior Year Magazine published 5 images of my teenage clients! Even though I’ve been published many times over the years, it is always exciting to show off my clients in these magazines. So let’s get to it and announce the teens who have their images in Teen Years Magazine! Congratulations!!!

Sarah McDonnel

It doesn’t surprise me one bit that this image was chosen. By the end of the shoot she was feeling extra confident and looked gorgeous showing off this jacket from my Style Closet. Being selected for publication was icing on the cake for this young lady!

Outdoor Photo Shoot Phoenix Az

Marissa Storrs

Marissa is a talented young artist who was lucky enough to have her aunt set up a photo shoot during her visit to Phoenix. I love the variety we got and these are only two of the images from her session! The Style Closet came in handy and provided both of these cute outfits!

Note: I often hear moms say they want to wait for pictures until braces are removed. Heck, I was one of them! But braces are part of them for just a short time…don’t let that stop you from showing them how beautiful they are—braces or no braces! Be sure to check out more of Marissa’s fun teen photo shoot!

Phoenix Arizona Photographer Amazing Teen Photo Shoot
Best Phoenix Photographer Teen Photo Shoot

Mavery Grattan and Alex Robertson

What could be better than a photo shoot with your best friend? Having that image published in a magazine!!! This simple image shows their beauty perfectly…and trust me, they’re both just as beautiful on the inside too!

Phoenix Photographer Best Friends Photo Shoot

During that same photo shoot, I took several of the girls individually and this one of Alex is also being published. You won’t want to miss this adorable BFF Photo Shoot!

Phoenix Photographer Sweet 16 Pictures

Interested in learning about a photo shoot for your teenager? Celebrate a birthday, sweet 16, sports team, academic accomplishment, or just give them a chance to express themselves and their interests! Let’s chat and show them how amazing they really are!

  • This is amazing! So glad to see you have been published internationally yet again for your excellent photography. We know it is because you are the Best Phoenix Photographer! Congratulations Michelle!

    • Thanks Andrea!!! You’d think after all these years the excitement would wear off. Now though, it’s less for me and sooooo much more for my teen clients! They’re so hard on themselves and when they get published it gives them an instant boost of confidence. I love seeing that!!

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