Top 10 Places for Senior Pictures in Arizona

Deciding where to have your senior photo session can be tough! With so many options, how do you narrow them down? Discover 10 of my TOP SPOTS for fabulous photos in the Phoenix area!

Best Locations for Photos from the Phoenix Metro Area to the East Valley

How can you put your favorites in order? It’s impossible! So, I’ll tell you right now that these are no particular order. I love them all! And trust me, these locations get even better when YOU are in the photos.

How Do You Choose the Right Places for Senior Pictures?

I start by meeting every client individually to discuss their ideas and dreams for their portrait collection. I ask about favorite places, activities, outfits, and more—all to ensure you get pictures you love!

Depending on whether you’re looking for an urban scene, a natural location, or something in between, I take all of that into consideration. I want to know what’s convenient for you, what type of vibe you’re going for, and of course, what you love. I love to know if you have places that are near and dear to your heart or that evoke special memories, because that way, I can tailor your session just for you!

Abundant Opportunities in the East Valley

It goes without saying, there are hundreds of beautiful, photo-worthy locations in the Phoenix metro and East Valley areas. Whether you’re looking for sand or concrete, cacti or urban structures, it’s all right here! Without further ado, here are my top 10.

1. Downtown Phoenix Near Roosevelt Row & Heritage Square

Roosevelt Row is packed with fun murals, bright colors, and textures, and just about a block away is the charming Rossen House at Heritage Square! An arts district, Roosevelt Row is home to museums, quaint shops, and restaurants—many of them with artistic windows and entryways that make great backdrops for your photos. Roosevelt Row is also a designated historic area, so you’ll find plenty of interesting props and backdrops, too. The possibilities are endless!

Best Places for Senior Pictures in Phoenix Arizona

Want to See Some Examples of Photo Sessions in Downtown Phoenix?

Check out these blog posts for ideas and inspiration for your senior pictures at Roosevelt Row in Phoenix:

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Pros of Downtown Phoenix:

  • Very colorful
  • Wide variety of artistic props and locations
  • Lots of great locations within walking distance

Cons of Downtown Phoenix:

  • Tricky parking, not always free
  • Longer drive from the East Valley
  • Crowded on weekends
  • Lots of construction

2. Downtown Gilbert

The Heritage District of Downtown Gilbert is full of artistic murals, trees, and rustic areas. There’s so much variety here that the biggest problem we’ll have is narrowing down all your great images! If you love urban photography and want to include urban locations in your senior picture photo session, this is a great spot!

Places for Senior Pictures in Arizona

Want to See Some Examples of Photo Sessions in Downtown Gilbert?

The following blog posts highlight photo sessions in Downtown Gilbert and are filled with inspiration for your session:

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Pros of Downtown Gilbert

  • Convenient for East Valley Grads
  • Variety of locations within a few blocks
  • Public restrooms available for changing
  • Plenty of free parking

Cons of Downtown Gilbert

  • Can be busy, even on weekdays

3. SanTan Village

An open-air shopping area, SanTan Village is a prime location for senior pictures! It features a huge variety of shops and restaurants with interesting storefronts that offer great backdrop opportunities. Plus, it’s full of cute benches and decorations we can use in your session. For nighttime photos, string lights high above the shops offer a fun and creative way to play with light and shadow in your pictures.

Where to Take Senior Pictures in Arizona

Want to See Some Examples of Photo Sessions in SanTan Village?

The following blog posts highlight photo sessions in SanTan and are filled with inspiration for your session:

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Pros of SanTan Village

  • Very colorful
  • Unique location
  • Public restrooms available for changing
  • Free parking

Cons of SanTan Village

  • Can be busy, even on weekdays

4. Downtown Mesa, Mesa Arts Center

A unique location full of eclectic, vintage, and natural locations, Downtown Mesa is a prime place for your Senior Pictures. From public art, painted buildings, farmers markets, restaurants, and shops, you’ll find plenty of options for unique poses. The area storefronts are artistic, and many feature brick walls, ornamental doorways, and more! Plus, there’s the Mesa Arts Center that always offers great opportunities for creative shots.

Best Places for Senior Pictures in Mesa AZ

Want to See Some Examples of Photo Sessions in Downtown Mesa?

The following blog posts highlight photo sessions in Downtown Mesa and are filled with inspiration for your session:

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Pros of Downtown Mesa

  • Unique storefronts & backgrounds
  • Centrally located
  • Lots of murals & sculptures
  • Vintage urban style

Cons of Downtown Mesa

  • Not quite as much variety as other locations
  • Lots of people decide to have sessions here

5. Eastmark, East Mesa

This is such a fun and versatile location! It’s perfect if you want to include waterside photos in your collection, and it’s full of great foliage, trails, and structures to pose alongside. With a riparian stream, quaint bridges and fencing, and plenty of open green space, Eastmark is teeming with opportunity for your graduation photos!

Great Spots for Senior Pictures in East Mesa

Want to See Some Examples of Photo Sessions in Eastmark?

The following blog posts highlight photo sessions in Eastmark and are filled with inspiration for your session:

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Pros of Eastmark

  • Beautiful place for water
  • Lots of variety and color
  • Great desert location

Cons of Eastmark

  • Can be windy in the spring

6. Downtown Chandler

Full of trellis-covered walkways, picturesque courtyards, and unique structures, Downtown Chandler is a great place for your senior pictures! You’ll also find artistic murals and buildings with great angles and textures. This location is also very walkable and convenient to most East Valley residents.

Best Place for Senior Pictures in Chandler

Want to See Some Examples of Photo Sessions in Downtown Chandler?

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Pros of Downtown Chandler

  • Trendy buildings with great angles & texture
  • Easily walkable
  • Open green spaces & waterside locations

Cons of Downtown Chandler

  • Not quite as much variety as other locations
  • Some spots require additional fee

7. Veterans Oasis Park, Chandler

This is an amazing place for outdoor pictures! If you’re a nature lover or just want bright, airy outdoor pictures for your senior portfolio, give it a look. On its 113 acres, Veterans Oasis Park boasts a lake, hiking and riding trails, and an abundance of native plants and trees. This is a GO-TO location for waterside photos, too!

Locations for Senior Pictures in Chandler AZ

Want to See Some Examples of Photo Sessions at Veterans Oasis Park?

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Pros of Veterans Oasis Park

  • Great for nature lovers
  • Beautiful lake & wildflowers in the springtime

Cons of Veterans Oasis Park

  • Not close to other locations

8. Tumbleweed Park, Chandler

Located in South Chandler, Tumbleweed Park is full of walking trails, open green spaces, and unique structures. You’ll also find pretty picket fences, flowers, and trees, so if you’re an outdoor lover, this could be the place for you!

Senior Pictures at Tumbleweed Park in Chandler

Want to See Some Examples of Photo Sessions in Tumbleweed Park?

Check out these blog posts to see more of what Tumbleweed Park has to offer and to get ideas for your own photo session:

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Pros of Tumbleweed Park

  • Not busy during the week
  • Easy parking
  • Close to other locations
  • Great place for dogs

Cons of Tumbleweed Park

  • Unavailable during certain times of the year

9. Old Town Scottsdale

If you love rustic spaces and eclectic backdrops, then take a look at everything Old Town Scottsdale has to offer. It’s packed with flowers and foliage, unique walkways and staircases, and plenty of sparkling lights after dark. It’s tough to categorize Old Town…is it artsy? Eclectic? Western? Rustic? Yes! It’s all of that and more.

Places for Senior Pictures in Scottsdale

Want to See Some Examples of Photo Sessions in Old Town Scottsdale?

Check Out these blog posts to see more of what Old Town Scottsdale has to offer and to get ideas for your own photo session:
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Pros of Old Town Scottsdale

  • Plenty of spots for different vibes
  • Colorful with vibrant plants & flowers
  • Historic buildings with urban flair
  • Sugar Bowl!! Just in case we need a snack

Cons of Old Town Scottsdale

  • Parking can be difficult
  • Can be very busy even during the week

10. Downtown Tempe & Tempe Town Lake

Last, but definitely not least on the list is Tempe, home of Arizona State University’s Main Campus. ASU is the epitome of college life and where many of our recent grads choose to further their education. Gammage Auditorium the south side ASU, is perfect for high school seniors who are passionate about theater and acting. Also nearby is the gorgeous Tempe Town Lake. A gorgeous setting around a large man-made reservoir provides tons of opportunity for outdoor and waterside photos. Full of bridges, pretty fences, and places to pose beside the water, this is a gorgeous location for outdoor senior pictures.

Senior Pictures at Tempe Town Lake

Want to See Some Examples of Photo Sessions at Tempe Town Lake?

Discover more about Tempe Town Lake as you read through the following blog. You’re sure to get lots of inspo for your own portraits!

Madalynne, Tempe Town Lake Senior Pictures
Prescott, Senior Pictures at Gammage Auditorium

Pros of Tempe Town Lake

  • Beautiful bridge & lake area
  • Green space & waterside posing opportunities

Cons of Tempe Town Lake

  • Lots of one-way traffic
  • Parking can be difficult
  • Very busy when classes are in session

And There You Have It!

That’s my list of top favorites for photographing seniors in the East Valley. Of course there are TONS of options for locations and backdrops, and we’ll talk about all the things you love in our initial meeting, so I can be sure you’ll love every moment of your professional session!

Ready to get started planning your senior pictures? 2024 grads, this is your year…consultations are open for your senior pictures! Contact me to discuss options and to get more information. And be sure to keep following the blog…it’s full of inspiration and ideas you’ll love. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for the most recent updates and session highlights. Let’s get together and create a senior picture collection that’s perfect for you!

  • I love that you have so many awesome places to take your seniors in Arizona! I think my favorite location is Veteran’s Oasis Park! Your seniors are so lucky to have a photographer that knows of so many great spots to take senior photos!

    • Veteran’s Oasis is sooooo pretty! If you are lucky enough to have senior pictures there in the spring, there is a good chance the wildflowers will be everywhere too!

      • Wildflowers are so beautiful! I just want to plant them all over my backyard and they are the perfect touch for senior photos!

  • I love how you’ve included samples of pictures from the locations!

    • Thanks Carla! Each location is so unique, and since I’m a visual person, that’s the best way to share what I see! 🙂

  • So many stunning options. Love how you listed the pros and cons to help your seniors and their families choose the perfect location.

  • I love that you provide for your clients the pros, cons and photo examples of all the best senior photo locations in the Phoenix area. There are so many amazing options to choose from and your photos capture how to use these locations superbly.

    • Hey Andrea! I know you live on the other side of the country, so I hope it was fun to see some of my favorite locations for senior pictures here in Arizona! Thanks for your comment!

  • Oh my goodness. You have a wonderful list of the best places to take senior pictures in Arizona. So many options and variety of looks and feels for your high school seniors!

  • Such a great round up of all the amazing locations in Chandler, Arizona. And with links to other sessions, it really helps seniors and their parents envision how they want their senior photos to look! Adding the pros and cons really helps them make the choice that best fits their personalities!

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