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Best Photographer for Phoenix Senior Pictures | Saint Mary’s High School

Cassandra had such awesome ideas for her senior pictures in Phoenix! She brought her dog, planned to wade in the lake, and wanted to use several outfits from my Style Closet. She even brought a glass Coke bottle as a prop for her pictures at night, because there are several Coke machines at these locations. She managed every look from casual to dressy and modern to retro! So if you need cute senior picture outfit ideas, keep reading!

Ideas for Phoenix Senior Pictures

Oh, so much fun! When I met Cassandra and her mom I knew the senior session for this St. Mary’s High School student would be fabulous! We had similar ideas, she loved the idea of being near the water, and fit beautifully into some of my favorite outfits from my Style Closet!

The Most Important Part of the Family

She knows she’s important…and I’m not talking about the graduate! I’m talking about your furry friend, of course! So yes, Cassandra brought her beautiful pit bull for the beginning of her session. We use a large open area to allow our four legged clients to run in a safe space. And then we get smiles from both the senior and the dogs! Look at that face! They are both so adorable!

Fun Outfits for High School Seniors

I’m sure you probably have a ton of great clothes, but wouldn’t it be fun to mix it up with even more choices? The darling blue romper above, as well as these super cute daisy sunglasses are both available during your senior picture photo shoot.

Phoenix Senior Pix with Sunglasses

The Lake

Once we finished at our first location, we headed to the lake. I know it’s not the easiest task to take Phoenix senior pictures by the water, but there are definitely some options nearby. Cassandra chose to try out this yellow sun hat from the Style Closet and I love showing off her gorgeous lashes too!

Phoenix Senior Pictures With Hats

Most girls tiptoe slowly into the water and I guide them until they’re in the right spot. Not Cassandra! I turned to change my lens for just a minute and the next thing I knew she was in this deep! This is definitely one of my favorite locations if you like to be near the water. The reflections and the sunlight are just beautiful!

The white dress in the water? Yep, that’s from the Style Closet too! It really is the perfect outfit for the water and I have several sizes and styles available.

College Bound

Bringing your college shirt to include in your senior pictures is a wonderful idea! Paired with her denim skirt and Vans, this will be a beautiful memory for years to come. With such mixed emotions before heading off to college, you’re definitely gonna want to remember this!

Professional Photographer For Outdoor Senior Pictures in Phoenix

Different Senior Pictures: Portraits After Dark

Depending on which session you choose, we might be out after dark! After a recent session in this same location, I came across the Coke machine and just needed the right girl to make it work! Cassandra was all into it and even brought a Coke bottle!

Photography Phoenix Senior Pictures Girls

The Perfect Pair

This polka dot outfit from our Style Closet is easily one of my favorites! But paired with these awesome red heels from Forever 21? The outfit, the smile, the hair…perfection!

Best Photographer Phoenix Senior Pictures at Night

I’m so lucky to have a handy young lady to help with this dress! I bought this dress online to add to the Style Closet, but the straps were way too long. I’ve had a number of girls try it on and it was always too long, and I just didn’t have time to fix it. When Cassandra tried it on, it clearly was a favorite! So I had her take it home, snip the straps to where she needed them, and do a quick stitch to have it ready for her photo shoot! Good thing too…again with the red shoes!

Yearbook Photographer For St. Mary's High School Senior Pictures

Do You Play More Than One Sport?

Cassandra grabbed her letter jacket and favorite Nike Air Force 1 Shoes for this classic pose.

Top Rated Senior Photographer in Phoenix Arizona

Then we decided to create this fun photo using two different shows. She chose her heels from prom, her cheer shoes, and then we added the basketball! Together it shows so much about her personality! I love this idea!

Fun Ideas for Phoenix Senior Pictures Sports

Three Reasons Clients Love My Senior Pictures in Phoenix

1. Artistic: Every image is unique. They aren’t just cropped differently but have different poses and expressions for a huge variety. I use various lighting techniques and multiple locations so your gallery definitely won’t look like your friend’s senior pictures!

2. Style Closet: I offer an exclusive Style Closet that has so many fun options! Add dresses, jackets, and accessories and feel like million bucks without breaking the bank!

3. Dogs: I encourage my graduating seniors to bring their pets. Often they’ve had their dog for many years but maybe have never had professional portraits with them. Of course, we always make sure to get a few of the pup alone. Gotta love those cute furry faces!

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Remember, I have Pinterest boards with tons of inspiration for senior photos too!

  • This seems like it was such an amazing senior session. Cassandra seems like she had so much fun picking clothing from the fashion closet. The posing is on point too.

  • Not only will you have amazing photos to cherish forever, you will love your experience with Michelle and will remember it always! We loved both senior sessions!!

  • These are great ideas for senior pictures in the Phoenix area! I love that you encourage your seniors to bring along their dogs to their senior photo shoot!

    • I love dogs so much, all the fluff and fun and personality! So not only do I get to take senior pictures, but I get extra puppy dog play time too!

  • So much variety in Cassandra’s senior photos! I just love that you make your senior’s photos uniquely them! Well done Michelle!

  • Oh those red heels!! LOVE THEM!! These Phoenix Senior Pictures are gorgeous. So much variety and option!

    • Right?? And we almost didn’t use them…we weren’t sure if there was an outfit that would work with them! I love it when my seniors bring fun shoes and boots for their senior pictures!