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What To Wear Lake Senior Pictures

Best Dress for Senior Pictures

What do I wear for senior pictures? How do I choose outfits that will look good by the lake? What should I buy? How do I choose locations that good with my wardrobe? These are all very important things to consider when planning your senior portrait session. But you don’t even have to buy something new! You can borrow a pretty dress from my Style Closet!

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Makeup Ideas Professional Senior Portraits

Top Makeup Ideas for the Best Senior Pictures

Emerald greens, striking blues, hot pinks, and neon yellows are making appearances, and the boldest fashion influencers are applying eyeshadow full circle—to both the upper and lower lids. If you’re one that prefers natural makeup, definitely run with that idea and be comfortable in your own skin!

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Sunglasses Outfits Phoenix AZ Senior Photographer

Top Fashion Trend for Senior Photos in 2022: Sunglasses

It’s always sunny in Arizona, and there are tons of ideas about what to wear for your senior pictures! There’s no reason you shouldn’t have the photo shoot of your dreams to wrap up your high school career! Grab your favorite sunglasses to add more variety and fun looks to your photo shoot.

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What to Wear for Graduation Photos in Gilbert, AZ

Gorgeous Graduation Photos in Arizona

When night falls, everything seems to get a little more magical, and that was all the more true when Jasmine pulled out her violin and began playing under the evening twinkle lights while wearing her stunning red prom dress.

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Fall Outfits Senior Pictures

Beautiful Fall Outfits for Senior Pictures in Arizona | Mesa Portrait Photographer

It’s still hot in Phoenix, but we can still dream about cooler temps! So let’s talk about fall outfits and ideas for your senior portrait session! Oceanana is a grad from Desert Ridge High School. She didn’t have many requests, other than that she wanted a fall theme, so we scheduled her for early October and used the right props and fashion choices to make that happen.

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Urban Senior Picture Ideas Phoenix

Fun Ideas for Urban Senior Pictures in Phoenix | Arizona Photographer

From an artistic standpoint, I get bored easily, so as a professional photographer I’m always looking for great places senior photo shoots, and if you want urban senior pictures, Downtown Phoenix is a great choice. I want your senior pictures to be unique and show off your personality and favorite things! Ok, so downtown Phoenix is quite a large area, but that’s great because we can walk or drive just a short distance and get a totally different vibe! There are so many spots in wide open areas as well as some hidden gems that photograph beautifully.

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Mesa Senior Pictures Boys What to Wear

What to Wear for Guys Senior Pictures | Suit & Tie Ideas for Guys

Senior year is once-in-a-lifetime, so let’s make the most of it with senior pictures! Let’s start prepping with getting ideas for what to wear for guys senior pictures! Guys deserve amazing portraits too, and even though they may say they don’t care, trust me—they will love the senior portrait experience I’ve created especially for guys!

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