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Your nails will show in your photos so they better be camera ready! Follow these five tips and see some beautiful neutral colors for professional portrait sessions.

Photo Worthy Nails

  1. Chipped nails, eww
    This is actually my #1 rule…no chipped polish! There’s nothing worse in senior portraits than chipped nail polish. If I decide to place your hands next to your face, unsightly nails will draw attention away from your pretty face.
    senior portrait mistakes
  2. Keep it neutral
    Getting trendy with nail color can date your senior pictures and you want to remain classic and timeless with beautifully polished neutral nails. If you’re unsure of colors, a classic French manicure is always a good choice.
    french manicure senior picture guidelines
  3. Keep your hands moisturized
    Moisturize for the entire week before your session. Use a heavy moisturizer on your hands, cuticles and nails to help heal any cracked skin or broken nail beds.
    tips prep senior portrait session
  4. Don’t forget your toenails
    Especially if you’re going to show off your toes in peep toe heels or sandals. Remember to keep your toenails perfectly pampered with a professional pedicure. If there was ever a time to pamper yourself, it’s now!
    pedicure tips senior portraits
  5. When in doubt, hire a professional
    The best thing you can do at least two days before your session is to get a professional manicure following these tips. A professional will be able give you that extra special treatment and make sure your nails are picture perfect. Yep, this goes for guys too!
    nail care tips senior portraits

Your nails will show in your photos so they better be camera ready! Follow these five tips to take your nails from eww to oooh!

Favorite nail polish tones

Sometimes, less is more, but if you’re wanting a pop of color try one of these classic shades.

best nail colors senior pictures
  • Such great information that many, including myself, would think about too late. Senior photos are such time capsule sessions and these are great tips to keep those photos memorable in a good way!

    • Thanks for your comments, Jody! It only took one teenage girl having horrible chipped nails for me to put this at the top of my list! It’s not an easy fix and can really ruin a great portrait. You’re right, so many people overlook their hands and nails!

  • Great nail tips for senior girls before they have their session! It is a small detail, but it can ruin the whole picture!

    • Hey Brandi! Thanks so much for commenting! It’s such a simple fix that so many of my seniors overlook, especially the guys!

  • Such great tips on photo worthy nails. Having nails ready to go and in the right tones are such a confidence booster during a senior portrait session!! The importance of nail prep should not be overlooked. Thank you for your tips.

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