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Photo Shoot Eastmark Senior Girl


Featured Senior Portrait Session

Eastmark & Gilbert

Even though Bren didn’t graduate from a local high school, I was lucky enough to be selected as her senior photographer since she was visiting her grandparents. Bren has a great fashion sense and she owns it 100%! She brought all the right colors to work with her natural outdoor locations, which started in Eastmark.

I love how dressy that top looks in a closeup, then has a completely different look in a full length shot where you see her ripped jeans and boots! It’s a photographer’s dream! A quick change to a flirty yellow off the shoulder top brought another completely different vibe from Bren. She really let her sassy side show when we added her sunglasses! I love that these featured sessions show how much variety can come from one area. Janaye, Noah, and Bren all started their session in the East Mesa area, but they all look very different. It’s just one reason why teens choose me as their senior photographer. I’m able to make every photo unique, even in the same location. 

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