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East Mesa professional photographer for graduation

Choosing the Best Photographer for Your Senior Pictures | Phoenix, AZ High School Senior Photographer

By: Michelle
August 9, 2020

So, how do you choose a photographer for you senior pictures?

How do you make that decision when there are thousands of photographers?  What should you be looking for? Here are some things you’ll want to consider to help you decide who is the best senior photographer for you.

Tip #1: Digitals Only vs Designer Products

What are your thoughts on products? Do you just want digital files? Do you want an easy way to share your images with friends and family? Do you want to do everything yourself or do you want someone that will take care of all the design work and ordering for you? Are you interested in having some beautiful keepsakes to remember your graduation?  Do you want something unique? Maybe you want a huge portrait over the fireplace.  Maybe you want a collage of multiple images.  Perhaps you would prefer to have lots of images that you can easily swap out.  During your Ordering & Design session, we’ll help you sort through all of your pictures, discuss what products fit your needs, design graduation announcements and grad party invitations, and show you some gifts that your family will love!  After that, all you have to do is sit back and relax…and worry about the million other things going on during senior year! Our clients (especially moms!) love that once your session is done, we don’t just leave you hanging. We take care of every step from start to finish so you don’t have to stress about it!

Designer Products Senior Pictures

Teenagers don’t care too much about products, right? Wrong!! My experience with seniors hasn’t proven that at all! Nearly all of our seniors choose to have their own storyboard, keepsake book, or metal! Of course our high school seniors all love the personalized mobile app, which allows you to show off and share your senior pictures on social media. For your safety, these images are watermarked and ready to share directly from your phone! If you’ve purchased the premier slideshow, that is available in your app too!

Senior Photo App for Sharing

Tip #2: Editing and Professional Retouching

You’ll want to know how your pictures will be edited.  Professional senior pictures should be edited, and if you don’t choose the right photographer, you might end up with little to no editing. Please know that ALL digital images need some basic editing, and that is where many photographers stop. The images that come straight from the camera (called RAW files) can’t even be opened by most people! They take processing to turn them into a jpg that you can view. But beyond that, also check a photographer’s images to be sure you like their style of editing.  Some photographers do almost no retouching, some do a magazine edit and airbrush your skin.

For my high school seniors, I do quite a bit of retouching, but it doesn’t look like it and that is the point! I’ll be sure you look and feel as amazing as possible during your photo shoot. What if you have a few skin imperfections?  What if you prefer a more artistic look?  As much as I’d love to show you some before and after pictures, I just don’t believe that anyone should be worried about their “before” pictures being displayed to the world!  However, during your in-person consultation, you’ll have plenty of time to see first hand what the choosing the right photographer can do for you. While we don’t believe in airbrushing your skin or making you look unrealistic, every image will be professionally retouched by hand (not actions or filters) to brighten your smile, smooth your skin, remove redness, touch up scars and zits, and be sure that your personality shines through! If you’re really itching to see some before and afters, there are a couple shown on the seniors page.

Tip #3: Meet Your Senior Photographer in Person

Most of all, you’ll want to choose a senior photographer that fits with your personality.  We offer free in-person consultations to all of our clients because we want to get to know you before the session!   That way we can talk, find out more about your likes and dislikes, clothing style, and help choose locations that fit your style!  You’ll want a photographer that doesn’t rush you through in an hour and wants to just have a blast getting lots of unique pictures! I want you to be comfortable in front of the camera, and that will be easier if we get to know each other before your photo shoot.

High school senior photographer for urban senior pictures.

Tip #4: Choose a Professional Photographer

Finally, one of the most important tips for your senior pictures is choose a professional photographer!  These days, anyone can buy a “good camera” and “become a photographer.”  It is a great hobby!  But for your senior pictures, please be sure to choose a professional. This is a once in a lifetime photo shoot and I want it to be a highlight of your senior year. You don’t want someone who is just starting out to document such an important milestone!  I’m a full time professional photographer. My goal is to produce beautiful, timeless portraits for you.  This isn’t a weekend gig or something I do just for fun.  Who do you think will want to ensure your happiness? Think twice before you ask your bff with a cell phone or your favorite uncle. While they might be good, they likely haven’t studied photographer like myself and many other professional photographers in the Phoenix area. I’ve also been published in several teen & senior magazines since 2014 as well as having images featured both nationally and internationally. I am licensed and insured, a member of PPA and part of the Mesa Chamber of Commerce.

Senior Photos Michelle Robetson

Hey 2022 Grads, it’s time to start thinking about YOUR senior pictures!
Freshman, sophomores, and juniors can sign up so you won’t miss out!
(480) 779-7797 



  1. Great information about choosing a senior photographer and I love the photos!

    • Thanks so much Heidi!

  2. Love all the information provided in this blog post. And your photos are gorgeous! Well done!

    • Thank you Jocelyn!

  3. What an amazing service you’re providing! Can I be a senior in high school again? ?

    • Great idea Jennifer! Then we could do each other’s senior pictures!

  4. Fantastic post and gorgeous work! I wish I could go back in time to let you take MY senior pics!

    • Awww, you’re so sweet Lymarie!

  5. Very good information!

    • Thank you Azadeh!

  6. Great info!!

  7. Michelle, this is such great content about choosing the right senior portrait photographer. That is so important to capture this special time as best as it can be, and having quality products as a result and not just some soon-to-be-lost digital files.

    • I’m thrilled that more and more photography clients are wanting artwork! Albums and image boxes seem to be their favorites.

  8. Great tips for every senior looking for photos! Best photographer for you is what everyone wants. You will be their greatest fan to help seniors find best senior photos! I enjoy your senior photography!

    • Hey Andrea! Thanks for taking a few minutes to read and comment! I’m glad you enjoyed it!


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