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Many of you have been to my office and seen my stack of magazines. As a professional photographer I absolutely LOVE having my high school seniors published in magazines! I've been able to see so many smiles and happy tears from teens when they find out their image was selected when often they don't even know their images have been submitted...

Award Winning Senior Pictures

Many of you have been to my office and seen my stack of magazines where many seniors just like you have been published! Each issue showcases the best-of-the-best both nationally and internationally, and I’ve been able to see so many smiles and happy tears from teens when they find out their image was selected. Often they don’t even know that I’ve submitted them for publication! I thought it might be interesting to hear from someone who publishes these magazines, so today I’m featuring Beverly Williams from Senior Year Magazine, Teen Years Magazine, and Infinity Photography Magazine. I’ve had many images published and even recently had two images published in Senior Year Magazine’s Guys Only edition in January 2023!

Meet Beverly Williams

I’m Beverly Williams and I’m from Atlanta, Ga.  I am the creator of Senior Year Magazine, Teen Years Magazine and Infinity Photography Magazine.  I publish print magazines under all 3 names and each has an Instagram account where we feature work of photographers from all over the world. Besides teens and high school seniors, we also showcase infants, children, families, engagements, weddings, and maternity sessions. Plus we offer Business Education classes to photographers as well.

Mesa Photographer Published Senior Pictures

Why Did You Decide To Start Publishing A Magazine?

I started Senior Year Magazine back in 2015.  Initially, I created it for the Instagram featuring aspect in order to recognize more photographers from within the industry.  The Instagram account grew quickly and now we have over 24k followers, have been hash tagged in over 768k images, and we have featured over 17k images on our Senior Year Magazine Instagram account.  In 2017, we created the Senior Year Magazine Private FB group for photographers and in early 2019, we published our first print magazine.

How Many Issues Have Been Published?

At the present time, we have published a total of 36 magazines! They include 27 issues of Senior Year Magazine, 4 issues of Teen Years Magazine, and 5 issues of Infinity Photography Magazine.

Award Winning Senior Pictures Phoenix
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How Do You Choose Which Images To Publish?

When selecting images for the magazines, we literally go through thousands of image submissions, looking at each and every one.  We are looking at the overall composition – posing, lighting, creativity, etc.  We select what we feel are the best images of the ones that are submitted.  It is important to us to feature a variety of photographers and a variety of seniors and teens, representing a variety of styles. 

Does Everyone Get Published?

The goal at Senior Year Magazine, Teen Years Magazine, and Infinity Photography Magazine has always been to feature as much variety as possible both in terms of images we feature on our Instagram and in terms of of images we publish in our magazines.  While we do the best we can, all photographers who enter submissions for our magazines have not been published.  We are always looking for new, creative talent.

Why Do You Think It’s Important For Photographers To Get Their Images Published?

High school seniors today, have a plethora of photographers from which to choose for their senior pictures.  When a photographer has been published in our magazine, it enables them to market and promote themselves within their community, to show that they work has been nationally or internationally recognized and published. Many photographers use the magazine as a sort of gateway to reach more high school seniors and parents within their community.  We provide a badge to every photographer whom we publish that can be used social media marketing and on their website.  We also provide the photographers with marketing templates to designate that they were published as well.

High school seniors and their parents are excited when they find out they have been published!  We include their names, city and state with every image that goes in the magazine. It’s very exciting to them to know that one of their images was chosen from thousands submitted world-wide.  Many parents purchase the magazine as a keepsake and when they receive it, they post a picture of it on their own social media, giving credit to the photographer.  This helps promote the photographer even more within their area. So basically, it’s an excellent marketing tool for photographers as well. 

Senior Year Magazine

We have a website for photographers where we offer Business Education Classes, Marketing Templates for Photographers, A Photographer’s on-line listing by City and State, as well as a full explanation of “How To Get Featured On Our Instagram” and “How To Get Published In Our Magazines”.

Award Winning Images

Thanks Beverly for sharing a bit more about Senior Year Magazine! I’ve had many images published including 2 in the brand new Guys Only edition, 6 images in the Summer 2022 edition, and was honored to be named one of the Top 100 Senior Photographers!

Will you be next? I have just a few dates left for Class of 2023, so if you’re ready to learn about Arizona’s best senior portrait experience, grab your FREE download of the Senior Client Welcome Guide to learn what happens next!

  • She’s def offered a wonderful space to help photographers be the best they can and have a safe space to learn from other photographers. In regards to publishing I think it is so important to put ourselves out there. So what if our work isn’t chosen…it can inspire us to work harder and find inspiration in others.

    • Absolutely!!! I promise you, I’ve dealt with my share of rejection and getting nothing published. It hurts, but it helps us grow. More importantly, it helps you learn to critique your own work so you’re not sending in 50 images! You can narrow them down to select only the best! It really has helped me with the culling process for my senior portrait sessions too!

  • This is great information! I love that your senior’s can get an inside glimpse into the industry! I know senior’s and their parents are always so excited to be published.

    • Hi Brandi! We all know there is sooooo much more to our photography business than just going out on photo shoots and this is just one little bonus my clients receive. You never know if they’ll be selected for print, but at least I give everyone a chance!

  • Senior Year Magazine is fabulous not only for photographers but is a great source for seniors to get inspiration for their own senior sessions! Great blog giving a detailed look inside Beverly William’s Senior Year Magazine, Teen Years Magazine and Infinity Photography Magazine!

    • Yes!!! When I get stuck, it’s one of my favorite resources! For me, having been published since 2014, it also allows me to see all the different trends across the country. Thanks for your comment Deborah!

  • I love this! Thank you Michelle for telling the Senior Year Magazine story.

    • You’re welcome Beverly!!! I’m so glad I joined the Senior Year Magazine group and that you offer so much to all of us! You’ve been such a blessing to me helping me grow my senior portrait business!

  • I absolutely love this! Great job!

  • How lucky are your clients to have someone that can claim “Award winning senior portraits”? This is awesome! Way to go above and beyond!

    • Hey Jodi! I can’t help it, I love my seniors so much and absolutely love my “job” if you can call it that. Seeing their excitement when they get published is just icing on the cake!

  • How cool for seniors to see photos of themselves selected and published in magazine art. And kudos to you Michelle for your success with senior photography over and over again, year after year. It’s fun to see some of the inside scoop! Congrats!

    • Thanks so much Andrea! I’m one of the lucky ones that gets to do what I love every single day! These teenagers are so much fun and every year it seems that I always get the best clients!