Alli’s Favorite Chick Flicks | Best Movies for Girls’ Night | Mesa Senior Photographer

Alli’s Favorite Chick Flicks | Best Movies for Girls’ Night | Mesa Senior Photographer

Hey everyone!

Today I am going to talk about one of my favorite topics: chick flicks! I am very passionate about this, I love a good chick flick. Here are some of my favorites!!

While You Were Sleeping

This has got to be my all-time favorite movie… ever. Take a journey with Lucy Moderatz, a lonely worker at a train station in Chicago. After a tragic accident with a boy she admired from afar, a mix-up happens at the hospital and she winds up with the boy’s family. This hilarious romantic comedy will leave you laughing and will help you realize the importance of family, whether it be by blood or by friendship.

You’ve Got Mail

This is SUCH a cute movie! Join Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox as they talk online and get to know each other. I can’t say much otherwise it will give the movie away, but trust me, this is one you won’t want to miss.

 Kiss and Cry

Based on a true story, Carley Allison is an aspiring Olympic figure skater with big dreams and big plans. After meeting a boy named Luke at a party, they start falling in love. Soon Carley finds out that she is diagnosed with a rare throat cancer, but that doesn’t stop her from living life to its fullest. Watch with a box of tissues!

A Walk to Remember

Based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, this movie is another one you may want to get some tissues for! Landon Carter is a high school senior who’s a bit (or a lot) of a troublemaker. He has grown up with Jamie Sullivan, but not till they are put in a play together does he notice her. As they grow closer, Jamie admits she has Leukemia. Will their love be strained because of her sickness, or will they grow closer together? Watch to find out!

What are your favorite movies? Let me know in the comments!


Hand Lettering | Calligraphy Tips for Beginners | AZ Photographer

Hand Lettering | Calligraphy Tips for Beginners | AZ Photographer

Calligraphy Tips for Beginners

Hey everyone!

Something I’ve picked up within the past year and a half is hand lettering, or modern calligraphy.

This kind of style is new and fun, and it’s different from the kind of calligraphy you may have seen from hundreds of years ago. With the help of a bunch of different YouTube videos and Pinterest posts, I have become obsessed with improving my hand lettering! I am no expert and am still learning, but here are some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned, along with some product and Instagram suggestions!

Make sure you are writing correctly.

For this style of lettering, it’s important to do a thicker line on the downstroke (more pressure with your pen) , and a thinner line on the upstroke (less pressure with your pen). This is key to modern calligraphy, or really any type of calligraphy. It’s hard to get the hang of this at first, so try some exercises like this:

Choose the right brush.

For this style of lettering, I use the Tombow Dual Tip Brush Markers. They come in loads of different colors and are super fun to play with! Each marker has a brush tip, and on the other side has a bullet tip for faux calligraphy or any other type of writing. They are fantastic. (Pro tip: use a smooth marker paper or sketchbook if you want to buy some Tombows. Believe it or not, regular printer paper is rough on the brush tip, and can leave it frayed!) A cheaper alternative are Crayola markers, or the Crayola Super Tip Markers. Below you can see how you can achieve a similar effect with the Crayola markers for a fraction of the cost. You may want to consider starting out with these, and if you are interested further in hand lettering, check out the Tombows.

Fake it till you make it!

I started off without using any type of brush markers or Crayola markers. I used a regular pen or pencil to create my hand lettering. I’m glad I started off this way. I got the hang of what the lettering should look like, and I had so much more control over the letters. For this, you add another line and fill it in next to the downstrokes. It’s hard to explain, so look at the picture below for help!

Be Patient.

It’s hard at first to make your lettering look like all those pictures you see on Pinterest and Instagram. This is something I’m still working on! Especially when you start out with brush markers, it’s easy to get discouraged. It all looks so easy, and then you go to try and make your letters, and it looks horrible. Don’t give up! Keep trying and practicing. You’ll soon see that you are more comfortable. For inspiration on different designs, check out Instagram and Pinterest. They have loads of cute quotes and words to replicate. This is mainly what I do, but am starting to branch out and create my own designs.

Want some ideas on who to follow on Instagram? Here are some of my favorite accounts!

@amandaarneill, @calligrabasics, @calligraphy_by_drew, @calligraphynerd, @hellotosha, @itskateshandwriting, @krystalwhitten, @lesliemaedesigns, @makewells, @oncewrite

Best of luck in your hand lettering journey!

About Alli | Red Mountain High School | Mesa Senior Photographer

About Alli | Red Mountain High School | Mesa Senior Photographer

Hey lovelies!

I thought it’s about time to introduce myself to you all.  Here are some fun facts about me, so you know who is writing some of these articles for you all!

First thing’s first, Here are some of my favorites! (It’s hard for me to choose my absolute favorites, so you’ll see I have a couple of answers for every category!)

Color: Pink and mint.

Food: Mashed potatoes and gravy.

Cereal: Krave, or Blueberry Morning. I love cereal. It runs in my family! 

Candy: Lindor Truffles. They are so, so divine!

Show: This Is Us. Oh, my gosh you guys, if you haven’t seen this show, you need to. It’s incredible!

Movie: This one is a hard one. My all time favorite has to be While You Were Sleeping, but I also love Inside Out and You’ve Got Mail. I love a lot of movies!

Team: BYU, of course!

Music Artist: Dodie Clark, Sleeping At Last, Ed Sheeran, etc. I love music and I love a lot of artists!

Season: Spring. I love how everything blooms, the weather gets warmer, and things are so hopeful. Fall is a close second, though! Nothing like changing leaves, hot chocolate, and good company.

Holiday: Christmas.

Restaurant: Oregano’s. Kneaders is also another one of my favorites (when in Arizona, I go there WAY too often, ask any one of my friends!), along with Panera and Noodles and Company.

Musical: Wicked. Some of my other favorites include Dear Evan Hansen, Les Miserables, and Hairspray.

On top of the Rockefeller Center with my besties!

I grew up in Des Moines, Iowa. I was born and raised there and loved it! I love all four seasons and how it’s not super populated. I love that I grew up in the same house for most of my life, and so many memories were made there. Iowa is beautiful, and it’s definitely a beauty most people don’t see or appreciate!  In 2015, when I was entering my junior year of high school, my family picked up our life in Iowa and moved to Arizona. This move was for several personal reasons, and it was perfect for our family. I am so grateful I could move to Arizona and attend Red Mountain High School. I participated in choir all throughout high school, and it was such a blessing in my life! Choir was the reason I gained so many great friends here in Arizona. I even got to travel to New York City with some of my very best friends because of it. Plus, if I didn’t move, I wouldn’t have met Michelle (not only is she a fantastic photographer, she’s a great friend)!!

I got the idea from Pinterest.

I am currently studying at BYU-Idaho. As of now, my major is Marriage and Family Studies with Art Education as my minor. I think it’s very interesting to learn about different family dynamics, and how vital family relationships are today. My passion is being creative and making things beautiful. Pinterest is my JAM. I love hand lettering (some refer to it as “modern calligraphy”), and will be uploading an article soon about this! I take most of my inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram, but am starting to branch out and create my own designs.

Life hasn’t always been easy. I struggle with some mental health issues, and have since I was little. While it’s not always easy, I am so grateful for it because I have learned so much about myself! I know that we all have our own struggles and challenges. Some of you, like me, may have mental health struggles. Some may have family issues, some may struggle with addictions. Whatever it may be, don’t let those struggles weigh you down! Be confident in knowing that you are becoming stronger and a better person. Use your challenges to help others. Whatever you’re going through is for a reason!

Well, that’s a little about me! If you have any questions at all, leave a comment down below and I’ll answer as soon as I can!

Much love,

Preparing for College | From High School Senior to College Freshman

Preparing for College | From High School Senior to College Freshman

Tips for Making the Transition to College

Hey everyone!

At this point in high school, you’re probably starting to think about college. You may be working on applications, scholarships, or have already been accepted to a college. Then you start thinking about your dorm room or apartment, how you are going to pay for all that stuff, your roommates, etc, etc. I was just in that spot a few months ago, so let me give you a few tips on how to manage that stress!

Start Planning Early

It’s easy to say, “Oh, college is still so far away, I don’t have to plan for another few months.” While it’s true you still have a little while, it’s best to start planning early. Start thinking and planning where you want to live- are you going to live at home, in a dorm, or in an apartment? Will you have a meal plan? Some colleges have rules involving staying in dorms and having meal plans, so check with your college to see if you are required to have one or both of those things. Some other things to check is what is included in the dorms, whether you have communal bathrooms or private bathrooms, how close your dorm room is to certain buildings, etc. It’s better to be prepared so when you arrive on campus, you aren’t surprised on much.

Start Saving… NOW!

This is something you may have been doing for years, but for me, I’m a horrible saver. I just want to spend right away, so when it came to getting stuff for my room at college, things were a bit more stressful. I don’t know about you, but I saw all these perfect college dorm rooms on Pinterest, and wanted all the best decor and storage. I had to remember that there are things I have at home that work. Try bringing things from your own room at home to make you feel more comfortable at college. A lot of people like to purchase brand new comforters and/or decor (which is great and fun!), but for me, I wanted things to feel more like they were at my home. I brought the same comforter and a lot of the same decorations I used in my room to make things familiar.

Get in Touch With Your Roommate

Once you have your dorm room or apartment figured out, now would be a great time to get in contact with your roommate(s). Your student housing may give you your roommate’s contact information and name, so contact them! For me, my apartment building only gave me their first and last name, so I went to social media to figure out who they were. It sounds creepy, but they were all grateful I took initiative and contacted them first because they were hesitant to do the same thing! It was helpful to create a group chat with my roommates so we could figure out who was bringing certain things so we could save money and not buy double. When it came to contacting my room roommate, we discussed things like who would bring the shower curtain, who would bring a toothbrush holder, if we wanted to have matching towels or just bring our own, stuff like that. It may also be helpful to discuss with your roommate if you’ll have matching room decor; I know some people like to match or coordinate colors and bedspreads. Plus, it’s great to get to know your roommate before you move in with her! Ask her about her favorite food, some of her pet peeves, what her family is like, etc. Might as well become friends with her when you’ll be living with her for several months. 🙂

Meditate/Take Time for Yourself

All of this may seem daunting, but take some deep breaths! It’ll be okay. NOW is a great time to start planning these things, because the earlier you start planning everything, the easier it will be when it comes down to crunch time. You’ll thank yourself later when you don’t have to plan everything only a couple weeks before move-in day. Planning in small increments over a long period of time will significantly reduce your stress levels. So plan early, but don’t stress! Everything will fall in place and it’ll work out how it’s supposed to. You may want to look up a guided meditation on YouTube if you feel stressed, or even just hang out with your friends to get your mind off things. Do things that genuinely make you happy. Do you like to play sports? Do you like working out to release some stress and endorphins? Maybe you like singing, playing an instrument, or being creative. Whatever it is, try to make time in your day to do something you love.

I hope these tips were helpful and you have a smooth transition to college! It’s a lot of fun!


Teen Dating Ideas | First Dates & Group Dates | Mesa, AZ

Teen Dating Ideas | First Dates & Group Dates | Mesa, AZ

Fun Date Ideas for Teens

Hey guys!

High school is such a fun time to meet new people and go on some fun dates! When I was in high school, I mainly went on group dates which was a great way to get to know someone without the pressure of it just being just you and your date. Whether you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, or maybe you just like to date around to get to know people, here are six fun date ideas!

  • Photo scavenger hunt

This one is so fun! The idea is to do this with a group of other dates. It could be with one other couple or multiple other couples. Someone prints out a list of items and/or tasks you have to do with your date (when I did this, we did this at a mall, but you could also go to a park or neighborhood) and set a time limit of an hour or so. You have to go around with your date and check off as many things on the list as you can, making sure you take a picture with you two in the picture. Bonus points for coming back with items like a business card or a sample of chocolate! At the end, get together with all the dates, and see how many items you got checked off the list and laugh at the funny pictures! Another fun idea is to bring a small item like a toy doll or dinosaur and make it a rule that the item has to be in all the pictures. (Here’s a website for some more ideas:

  • Progressive dinner

Another fun group date idea is to have a progressive dinner. This is how it works: each couple has to make a certain dish for dinner at one of their houses. For example, one date might make an appetizer, another date makes the main dish, and another date makes dessert. Each couple makes the food at one of their houses, and when everyone is done, they go to each house to eat each course. This is a fun way to bond and get to know your date, and then eat some yummy food! What’s better than that?

  • Swim party

Here in Arizona, being able to swim or hot tub is a year-round possibility. One idea when it’s hot outside is to have a swim party. Whether it’s just you and your significant other or a group of other dates, grab your suits and bring some snacks and swim! This is a fun idea to just talk with your date, get to know them, and have some fun outside.

  • Ice skating

On the contrary, another fun idea is to go ice skating. Most cities have an indoor ice skating rink, or if you live in a cooler climate you could find an outdoor rink. Grab your coats, scarves, gloves, and several pairs of socks and have some fun at the rink! Once you get in the groove of skating, you could try having a race with your date or another couple on who can get around the rink the fastest. This is a fun idea because not only do you get some exercise, but if you’re lucky, some hand-holding action may be in order. 😉

  • Blindfolded makeovers

A fun activity you may do with friends could be even more fun with a date! Grab some makeup and a blindfold of some sort and do blindfolded makeovers. One person puts the blindfold on, and has to feel around for the makeup and put it on their date’s face! Try to do fun things like winged eyeliner, a perfect contour, or master lip liner. Bonus points for posting before-and-after pictures on social media!

  • Fort and movie

Finally, this cute idea will fill your hearts with joy! Channel your inner child and make a fort in the living room with your date or with a group of dates. While making the fort, maybe you want to talk about some of your favorite

Mesa Senior Photographer Girl wearing Minnie Mouse outfit

Disney movies are always a good choice!

childhood memories and get to know your date that way. Make the fort good- add a bunch of blankets and pillows to make it cozy. Pop some popcorn, bring some candy, and watch a fun movie with your date!

Dating can be so fun, and a great way to get to know someone. Whether single dating is your thing, or you’re more comfortable with group dates, I hope these ideas gave you some inspiration for your next date!