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Ahwatukee Senior Pictures | Desert Vista High School

I absolutely LOVE shooting outdoors, it's one of the best parts of being a photographer...unless its 110 degrees out and then none of us want to be outside taking pictures. When I met Caroline from Desert Vista High School, she had just one request. She loves the desert and wanted it to be one of her locations for her senior pictures.

Desert Location for Senior Pictures

There’s something about nature that tends to bring out the beauty deep within every one of us. Maybe it’s the natural light or the feeling of being at “home” or at peace. Either way – sun, rain, or storm – the outdoors have a habit of bringing us out of our shells. I absolutely LOVE shooting outdoors, it’s one of the best parts of being a photographer…unless its 110 degrees out and then none of us want to be out taking pictures. When I met Caroline she had just one request. She loves the desert and wanted it to be one of her locations. Hmmm, we live in Arizona so I’m pretty sure we can accommodate that!

Natural Light in the Desert

When she expressed interest in using the desert, I knew we were guaranteed a fabulous shoot! But I’m not sure Caroline even needed the Arizona sun; her gorgeous smile brightened every picture regardless of light or setting. In fact, once we got started she was so comfortable, all I did was give her a few directions and then just click, click, click! That smile is everything!!!

Ahwatukee Outdcoor Senior Pictures

Senior Photos at the Lake

Sticking to the shoot’s open air and fresh feel, Caroline opted to include water and greenery for her portrait session. Amazingly, despite the rumors about deserts, we were able to find plenty of beautiful trees, shrubs, and grassy patches in the East Valley. We even came upon a rock that looked as though it has been placed with the sole purpose of being included in our shoot! This simple green top has just a bit of texture and is a favorite choice from the style closet. Caroline had plenty of gorgeous outfits, but this green top just fit beautifully into the gorgeous background!

Ahwatukee Senior Pictures Girls
High School Senior Pictures Desert Vista

Bring Your Personailty…Please!!

It’s quite evident in every picture anyhow that Caroline made each setting her own. Her laid-back, caring, and kind personality is apparent in real life, but it simply radiates out of every photo!  With those gorgeous golden curls, we definitely had to include a classic hair flip. A new addition to the style closet last spring was this beautiful floral romper. It has quickly become a favorite for the ladies and that blue really brought out Caroline’s eyes!

Ahwatukee Senior Pictures Desert

In her spare time, Caroline likes to dabble in baking, gaming, and of course – watching Netflix.

Ahwatukee Senior Pictures Desert Vista

More From the Style Closet

We had a lot of fun trying to find good spots and pick out natural poses; however, when I offered up a fashionable hat from my ‘Style Closet,’ I wasn’t fully expecting her to pick one. Caroline wasn’t 100% sure about his choice of hats, but I asked her to trust me. After all, it’s digital…if it doesn’t look good we’ll simply delete it. And I know most of don’t wear hats regularly, and putting one on for a picture can feel funny, but it always works! She wore it like a pro and it ended up being one of her favorite senior pictures!

Ahwatukee Senior Pictures Outfits Hats

A Bright Future Ahead

After graduating from Desert Vista High School, it’s clear that Caroline is following her dreams. Her major is in Early Childhood Development, and there’s no doubt that her bright, intelligent, and caring soul is the perfect mix to bring her success!

Ahwatukee Senior Pictures Graduation

2020 was a tough year for everyone—especially those graduating and setting off on a new life journey. Seeing Caroline’s beaming smile, positivity, and bravery in the face of everything was inspirational. This darling image below even became the cover of her Senior Keepsake Book!

Ahwatukee Senior Pictures Cap & Gown

Perhaps simply for memories or as proof that she made it through this crazy year, Caroline ordered a lovely keepsake book to have all of her best images in one place as well as these beautiful custom graduation announcements. I hope she loves her photos just as much as I loved taking them!

Senior Pictures Keepsake Album
High School Graduation Announcements

Must-haves for Outdoor Photo Shoots

You might be wondering exactly what you should bring to an outdoor senior photo shoot. It’s a good question, so I’ve listed a few useful recommendations below.

  • Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Shoots can be longer than expected, so it’s always have a good to have some in your bag.
  • A water bottle or two just to stay hydrated, so be sure to grab that Hydro!
  • A hat – yes, I can supply them, but you’re always welcome to bring your own.
  • Sunglasses. Hey, they’re fun, fashionable, AND keep you from squinting in the harsh Arizona sun!

Best Locations for Senior Pictures

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  • Beautiful pics of a gorgeous Desert Vista High School senior!

  • I’m loving the different locations that you used. Such a beautiful senior, I am absolutely loving your blog posts.

  • Love that you present both the photographs and how your senior clients and their parents can truly enjoy the images through beautiful products.

    • Everyone is so used to seeing digital images, they often don’t even think about the other possibilities! They know USBs and Shutterfly, and that’s about it. So when you can show them gorgeous image boxes, silk portraits, storyboards, and announcements, even the seniors get excited!

  • I love her navy romper. I’m ready for warm weather again for High School Senior pictures! Such a beautiful session with this young lady!

    • The rompers are so popular, I have 3 different designs in my style closet and tons of other colors and styles too! The girls love them and they’re so cute and carefree!

  • I truly love the natural light in your senior desert photos. That glow on senior’s skin is gorgeous! What an incredible option for your seniors.

    • Hey Andrea! I’m glad you enjoyed these! While I do use artificial light when needed, I do really love the natural light for this location.

  • Senior pictures in the desert!?! Yes, please! These are beautiful! It’s so neat to see the different options around the US that photographer’s have to take senior photos. I love the must-have list for outdoor senior photos you included at the end too!

    • Michelle