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Your senior pictures are planned with ONE person in mind...YOU! Share your style with confidence to create senior portraits you'll love to show all your friends and family.

How to Get Senior Pictures You Love

Your senior pictures say a whole lot about you, so it’s important to get them right! I’ve been working with graduating seniors for years, and I can say with confidence that every single session is unique and planned with one person in mind—YOU!

Jalen is a 2022 graduate with big plans for the future, and although he definitely wanted senior pictures, he didn’t want a long photo session. His goal was to create a small portrait package to remind him of his accomplishment and share with friends and family. Before his session, we talked about everything he wanted to see in his graduation photos, and we brainstormed some ideas that would show him doing the things he loves, as well as celebrate his success as a graduate.

Outdoor Cap & Gown Photos

Did you know your cap and gown photos don’t have to be just like everyone else’s? Yup, you may be wearing the same outfit as all your classmates, but there’s only one you, and at Magical Memories by Michelle, I’ll always go out of my way to make you stand out!

We opted for outdoor photos, and we ended up with a bright, sunshiny day that just helped to bring out the vibrancy of Jalen’s smile. With a crisp, white dress shirt under his graduation gown, he looks every bit the part of a young man with a bright future ahead of him. I absolutely love his bright smile and the carefree wisps of hair that escape his cap, too. And the 2022 charm that’s dangling from his tassel will be a long-term reminder of how special this year is!

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Let Your Personality Shine…It’s All in the Details

Your senior picture photo session is the perfect time to let loose and share your personality with everyone. After all, you’re creating a tangible memory of one of the biggest achievements of your life! There are several ways to show off the true you and get senior pictures you’ll love. Here are some of my faves…

Top 5 Ways to Get Senior Pictures You Love

To make sure you have the BEST experience and walk away with images you can’t wait to share, check out these tips:

  1. Wear what makes you feel good. There’s no need to go out and buy a ton of new clothes and accessories for your senior photo session. Why? Because you already have your own unique style, and it’s comfortable for you. When you focus on pulling together the pieces you love, you’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable throughout your session. And don’t worry…before we even get started, we’ll have plenty of time to chat—and I can help guide you toward your most camera-friendly options.
  2. Share the things that make you unique. Back in the day, everyone’s senior pictures looked pretty much the same. There was a cap & gown shot, a dressy shot, and a casual shot—with the cap & gown shot being the one shown in yearbooks (and just about everywhere else). Thankfully, things are different now! If you belong to a club or group at school…or if you participate in other activities, show off swag like t-shirts and uniforms in your senior pictures.
  3. Bring along props that are important to you. Much like favorite outfits and locations, props can add a ton of personality to your senior pictures! Maybe you’ve earned medals, rewards, or trophies—or maybe you want to capture some precious memories with your favorite pooch. Clients bring along everything from dogs to sports equipment and more to their sessions to help them create artistic senior photos.
  4. Choose a location you love. I don’t need to tell you…there are a gazillion great spots throughout the East Valley for phenomenal graduation pictures! Whether it’s the water, the desert, urban scenes or special hangouts you share with your friends, be sure to choose locations that are meaningful to you. It’s a great way to bring back all the great memories every time you look at your pictures.
  5. Share ideas, likes & dislikes with your photographer. We’ll collaborate a lot about what you’re looking for and what you love when it comes to senior pictures. But it’s important to let me know what you DON’T love, too. Share your unique ideas and don’t be afraid to think outside the box! And most of all, if you just aren’t vibing with a certain shot or place, be sure to let your photographer in on your thoughts. We’ll work together to make your senior pictures perfect for you!

Bonus Tip: Have fun! Your senior pictures are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show off all you’ve accomplished in high school. You’ve succeeded in crossing a huge milestone, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to adding creativity to your pictures. If you have a great idea, we’ll figure out how to bring it to life in photos!

Celebrating Success with a Sky-High Cap Toss

You can practically see the joy and pride that accompany Jalen’s cap toss! As he threw his mortarboard high into the air, I was able to capture a gorgeous sun flare in the background. With his back to the camera, Jalen strides off toward the future as he flings his cap in celebration.

Most clients want a shot of themselves tossing their cap, and even though it’s a popular idea for senior pictures, there are still many ways to make your image unique and artistic. In this image, I wanted to turn the traditional cap toss into a work of art that Jalen’s family and friends can enjoy as a treasured keepsake.

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Looking Sharp in a Suit & Sunglasses

It’s common to add a dressy photo to your collection (moms and grandmas love those fancy outfits!), but don’t be afraid to add your own flair to the moment. Here, Jalen tops off his look with aviator sunglasses and a thin chain. As he looks over the top of his shades, his piercing gaze is set on something in the distance, creating a handsome and intriguing look.

Great Poses Senior Pictures Guys

Workout Warrior…Showcase Your Hobbies in Your Senior Pictures

Jalen loves to work out and spend time in the gym, so it was important for him to have photos that show off all his hard work. Leveraging his school colors, he stood against a mottled red and black backdrop and struck several athletic poses in a black workout tank top. Whatever your passion is, it’s important to include it in your senior pictures so you can look back and remember all the things that defined you during this time of your life.

Photography Studio Workout Gym Muscles

Stylish Graduation Pictures for Guys in Mesa, AZ

If was so much fun to work with Jalen to create senior pictures that he and his family can cherish forever. I love when clients share their ideas and interests with me, so we can work together to create wonderful keepsakes! Jalen’s on to a big and bright future…and I can’t wait to see all he accomplishes!

Senior Pictures Workout Gym Muscles

If you’re looking for senior pictures in the Mesa, AZ, area, I’d love to talk to you! Contact me for more information and be sure to follow my blog for all the latest session updates. You can also find tons of great inspiration and ideas when you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!

Ready to book your session? Let’s work together to make sure you get amazing senior pictures you and your family will love!

  • These 5 tips to get the best senior pictures for guys. You always offer such a great variety of pictures and I’m sure that your high school seniors really appreciate all of the work you do to capture these memories for them!

  • Great tips for any senior photo session! Love how you used that beautiful Meza, AZ light to create stunning photos for this senior photoshoot.

    • Jody, thanks so much for your kind words! I used to really struggle with the bright Arizona sun, and now I love it! We can create such fun senior portraits!

  • Love your top 5 ways to get senior pictures you love! Great ideas for seniors to make their session their own! It’s so awesome that you incorporated Jalen’s love for working out into his senior photos!

  • Graduation is such a momentous time in a young persons life to get photos that remind them of the person they have been to have accomplished so much and also to see all that lies ahead. I love the tips you provide on how to get the best senior photos and show off their unique personality.

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