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Day: September 10, 2023
Fun Senior Photos Cap Gown Arizona

Fun Senior Photos and Ideas for Your Photo Shoot

There’s never a dull moment as a professional photographer. It’s one of those careers that you simply have to jump in and experience the unknown in order to build up knowledge and prepare for all those moments that will inevitably pop up and surprise you from time to time.

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Senior Pics Arizona Photographer Water

5 Secrets for Amazing Senior Pics

Shhhh…I’m gonna share a secret (or 5) with you!

Every trade has its tricks, its magic ways—and photography is no different. If I were a magician, I would be banned from the business for divulging the magic behind my tricks, but lucky for you, I’m merely a wizard…a wizard who wields a camera like it’s a magic wand. My point is, there are secrets, and before your big day gets here, I want you to be in the know. Why? So you’ll have the most perfect pictures ever, of course!

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