Award Winning Senior Pictures Published in Senior Year Magazine

Award Winning Senior Pictures Published in Senior Year Magazine

Award Winning Senior Pictures

This is so exciting!!! I’m proud to announce that three of our Class of 2019 guys have had senior pictures published in Senior Year Magazine! The spring issue featured only guys, and since I had so many amazing senior guys this year I just had to enter! The competition is tough, so you never know if your images will be accepted. To have FIVE images in this edition? Speechless!

Congratulations to the Class of 2019 senior guys, Connor Abernethy, Nicholas Convis, and Trevor Robertson! Here are their winning images!



Connor Abernethy

The Abernethy family holds a very special place in my heart. I’ve known them for years, since their oldest daughter and Alex were on the same gymnastics team. Connor, with those gorgeous blue eyes, always brings his best when he’s in front of the camera. He’ll do whatever I ask, even if it seems weird. I give him prompts to help with emotion, and he can even raise just ONE eyebrow! So to have one of his senior pictures published and surprise Amy with this news over the weekend was thrilling!

Nicholas Convis

Nicholas probably had the same reaction most guys have when we first meet for a consultation. Senior pictures? Ugh! But again, once I found out his dad has a Mustang, things started looking a lot better to him! So you take this already handsome senior guy, grab the jacket and tie, and it all just falls into place! This is the type of image that some people love and some people hate, just a personal preference. The sun flare is actually shot this way in camera, not added in Photoshop. Fancy location? Nope, just the top of a parking garage in Mesa! Not surprising, Nicholas’ dad has this one as a 16×24 in his office.

Award Winning Senior Pictures Cars Mesa AZ

Trevor Robertson

Yes, he’s my son. I’ll be the first to say I never thought in a million years I’d get senior pictures I love this much! He loves them, Dad loves them, it’s the best! Trevor had three of his images chosen for the spring edition of Senior Year Magazine, all from the same session. I was able to borrow a 1965 Shelby Cobra, and at the time I’m not sure even Trevor knew how awesome this was!

Award Winning Senior Pictures Guys Mesa AZ

Award Winning Senior Pictures Sports Cars Mesa AZ

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